Ever walked in on your apartment and discovered that there was a naked man sitting there, on the couch? Was he waiting for your roommate to come out of the bathroom, just sitting there, naked? You've probably experienced 'The Naked Man'.

In CBS's How I Met Your Mother there are a LOT of theories, discussions and techniques. But one of the most legendary will be The Naked Man. The Naked Man makes it happen that there are naked people sitting all over the world, waiting for their date coming out of the other room, without any shot of ending the night together. Wondering what The Naked Man is? Let's undress it.

The Naked Man

The Naked Man is a technique to sleep over, even after the most horrible date. You have these times, that nothing is really working out. There is nothing you can do, the date just didn't go as hoped/expected. Maybe she/he wasn't interested in you, maybe you weren't interested in your date or maybe you just suck at dating. All possible options and these things just happen. But what can you do? Well, the Naked Man.

What you do with the Naked Man is a last resort. If the date went obviously wrong and you know for 100% sure you are not going to get laid tonight you can pull this card. Arrived at her door, she is obviously not going to ask you in, but you can actually ask if you can come in for going to the bathroom or something. Ask her if you can have one glass of water, because you are having a bladder problem or something. You need to get inside, that is the most important part.

When you are inside, wait until she goes to another room. Undress as fast as you can. And make sure to be naked when she gets back in the room with you.

Now, you will have 66,66% chance that she will think 'whatever' and go for it. The other third of a chance? Is that you get hit and you will need to walk back home, naked.

She will laugh. But by being surprised, impressed by your confidence, you will definitely have a shot.

This is actually a play completely worked out in Barney Stinson's Playbook, a book full of plays like this.

Two out of three times, do you dare to give it a try?