the ward movie 2011

A John Carpenter Thriller

The plot and location take place in the state of Oregon, a young teenage girl escapes from a mental ward where she was being treated as a pyromania patient, there unusual things happen within the walls of the mental institution, where she and a group of girls create a friendship circle based on the fact that they are all "crazy" in one way or another and do not see themselves past the walls of the ward anytime soon. It takes place in the 1950's in a time where most psychiatric cases were hidden from public eyes. It was believed that a lot of these patients were being experimented on with unusual treatment.

The ward 2011 was ranked Netflick's top 10 movies in December and in my opinion a great movie for the fans of the hollywood thriller genre, depicting very well what a case such is the one in this film would look like.

From watching this movie it raises a question, is the way these patients are being treated justly? I say it isn't but you be the judge of that. Furthermore, rumors in the skeptics library and urban myths suggest this was the case for more than a handful of patients America known for being the secretive nation that it is would not surprise me, however if it's true why wouldn't any of these family members interveen or raise a question as to how they were being treated for thier cases ? Logiclly most people would say these "patients" were criminals yes perhaps that is true, dangerous most definately true, but the cause of thier sickness we'll leave that open for perspective viewing Now the important thing to take from this is how can taking these people out of a society for the safety of it's people and locking them up in a place like this be handled in a more appropriate way ? There are jails in Cuba, and Afghanistan where criminals are treated in a similar way although for entirely different causes, mostly due to terror attempts and events where innocent people get hurt. In contrast to the case with the teenage girl in this film she too was hurting others at the cost of her dangerous desires to put flame to objects without respect for others lives, consequences and self destruction. If we continue to allow these patients to be mistreated and experimented on we will not see any progress in the ways these institutions are operated and managed, a much more progressive manner of handling the fragmentation of the minds of these sickly indivisuals is to treat it before it ever happens by first implementing factors of behavior modification to normal as well as at risk youth to prevent it from ever happening in the first place, this if done well can save thousands if not millions of people from ever developing traits of destructive behaviors that are a much needed of being addressed. Finally I would argue if your not already a fan of the psycho-thriller, or thriller genre you should be because it is just as much entertaining as it is educational

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