The one thing people will always buy are products that will in turn help them make more money, lose weight or help them in their relationships.

Its called "Health, Wealth and Happiness." And this is big business.

For decades the average person has been on the hunt to find the secret to finding more money, get sexier, and find a happy relationship. And for decades the average person will shell out hundreds if not thousands of dollars to find the secret to making money or finding a partner or losing weight. What is understood by many is that none of those things happen overnight and are a lot of work and time and effort to build and maintain. But time and time again people want to take that "magic pill" to solve these very basic needs and desires overnight.

This is why the "make money fast" and 'loss weight fast" industries are always bombarding you with late night advertisements. Not to mention the 100 "grow your penis pills" emails you get in your spam folder every day day. These three money makers are thriving and always will be because, let's be honest, that money is there. If people threw money at breast cancer research like they did the newest fat loss pill, believe me, you would see a thousand new breast cancer research ads hit the airwaves tomorrow. But unfortunately, we don't.

What do these three money makers all have in common? They all try to deliver an actual service to someone. They fill a need... a void in someone's lifestyle. These are huge needs that people have had and will always have.

People will always connect with a product if:

A - They feel that the product identifies with their specific problem.

B - The product delivers a desired solution to their problem.

So how does this help you?

Well, the answer is simple...identify a problem, and provide a solution. As much as these markets and products may seem scammy, (because most of them are) there are a a lot that actually DO work.

Take for example "The South Beach Diet", a diet plan designed by cardiologist Arthur Agatston, who accepted the prevailing wisdom among cardiologists that a low-fat diet would reduce cholesterol and prevent heart disease, he found that, in practice, patients had a difficult time sticking to the diet. [source: wikipedia]

Agatston was able to identify a problem and provided a simple solution. A diet plan (not scammy), that helped people stick to it. He also added a sexy name to it in "south beach" for added marketing attention. But the facts remain the same. He identified a void and filled it with his product.

Most of the time these money makers have a similar method or a strategy that has worked before, just packaged in a new way.

If you packaged a product: "Lose 4 Pounds A Month With Healthy Eating And Consistent Exercise", I'm pretty sure no one would buy it.

The average person knows that to lose weight it will require a change in diet to some degree, but the time and effort it will take to learn the correct way to drop a few pounds, or make money, or fix a broken relationship, isn't worth spending to achieve their desired results. Money, however, is. People inherently know that their time is limited, but their money may not be. So they will rationalize spending their money for time. People are happy and willing to pay for a product or service that will alleviate the learning curve and deliver their desired results today.

What do you know about Health, Wealth and Happiness so that you can be in with the money makers too?