Why go on a time management training course?

Learning to manage your time, make the fullest use of the mere 24 hours or 1,440 minutes in each day is absolutely vital.

It's one thing to have an idea, a dream, a to-do list and a passion. However, they all mean very little unless you act upon them. 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration as they say. The greatest achievers in the world have produced great things because they have made the most of the time that available to them.

Attending a time management training course is not just for your individual time planning. A department, team or project requires effective time management, delegation, prioritization and execution in order to attain the highest goals too.

To put it simply:


What makes a good time management training course?

Here's a checklist you can go through when looking for the right time management training company for you or your business:

  • Experienced consultants who listen
  • A company with a record of success in varied industries, across different projects of varying scale and challenges
  • A strong and relevant list of testimonials and successful case studies
  • A thorough follow-up system
  • A range of time management tools and processes that can be applied
  • A commitment to results even if it means going above and beyond the original brief

Read this article for a detailed list: key essentials for any time management training course .

Beyond time management training

Most time management training courses encompass far more than basic time management, productivity and planning workflows. They also help with:

  • Change at all levels: from mass expansion, international growth, mergers, product and service changes
  • Customer satisfaction and collection of customer feedback, data and responses
  • Creating a positive corporate culture and improving employee morale
  • Reducing staff turnover
  • Improving teamwork
  • Setting meaningful mission statements and 'big picture' goals
  • Creating a culture of individual pride in performance, productivity and self-accountability and initiative
  • Improving communication chains at all levels
  • Reducing unnecessary paperwork, wasteful internal meetings and reporting
  • Dealing with culture clashes
  • Dealing with stress

Time management training courses online

Online training courses in time management have become increasingly sophisticated and effective. Some offer customized programs, or the chance to talk in a group or individual basis with an accredited trainer while providing an interactive educational experience. Online training courses are well worth considering if:

  • your company is scattered across many countries
  • you want to study at your own pace
  • you or the majority of your company's employees work from home
  • you want to reduce costs, your carbon credit footprint and paperwork as many of these courses are entirely online including the examination and review section