Samsung Galaxy S 4G

Cellphone Review

Here is my review of the T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G with pre-paid Service and how I  finally secured a fair deal with my cell phone company.

I normally don't write about mobile technology. Those of you that know me, know that I mostly write about Internet Marketing and SEO. I am also the kind of person that despises the games that the cellular providers play, the lengthy contracts, and expensive monthly charges. Read on to find how I think I finally beat the system (for now).

It was definitely time for a new phone. I was using a T-Mobile Android G1 which was a great phone a few years ago, but was out of date. I was happy with T-Mobile because of the low-cost, good coverage and excellent support. I also liked that they never charge for overages. If you have ever gotten a $600 from AT&T then you know what i am speaking of.

A Blessing in disguise:
I was never under contract with T-Mobile and paid monthly for Unlimited calls, web and messaging. I think I was paying $79.00 for this service which seemed pretty fair. I was doing some travelling this summer so I turned off my phone sevice. When I came home I went to reactivate my phone and was told that my old plan was not available any longer but for $60.00 per month I could have all the same services for only $60.00 per month. This is a pre-paid plan which sounded a little scary, but I took it any way.

I kept my G1 for a while and began looking for ways to get a good phone without paying $600. What I was looking for in a phone was something not too large, light, 4G and Android OS since that's what I am used to. They make T-Mobile Pre paid phones and sell them at Wal-Mart and other stores. I checked these phones out and thought they were complete junk. I needed another solution.

What I found out is that you can use any T-Mobile phone on the prepaid plan. It doesn't have to be the junk labeled pre pay. I was shopping around on T- Mobile's website last week. They have a lot of nice phones, but I felt a little sick from the thought of paying  $600 for a phone and there is now way I am going under contract for a phone.

I noticed at the bottom of T-Mobile's site that they had a sale on phones that you could use under any plan. I was excited to find the Samsung Galaxy S as I have seen this phone before and the user told me it was great. I purchased the phone and with it received a $50 voucher for pre paid which I can use next month.

The phone came in a few days and I was so sick of my old phone that I actually put it all together right at the UPS Station where I picked it up. All I had to do was pop in my old sim card and add my Gmail address and I was mobile in a whole new way.


  • Very light
  • fast 4G
  • loaded with features, Navigation, hot spot, tethering..all the good stuff.
  • easy to use
  • nice screen
  • I noticed a difference between the Samsung Android and HTC Android. The Samsung features are way better. More IPhone-ish.


  • No downside to the phone itself. It's the best phone I have had.
  • Google Voice and Visual Voicemail don't work with Pre Paid. This is a big downside, but, what the heck, I can live without as long as I am saving a pretty good chunk of money.

I've used the Samsung Galaxy S for about a week now and on T-Mobile pre-paid and I finally feel at peace with my mobile cellular situation. I get to where I am going on time because I finally have navigation that works, I use this phone for emails even when my pc is right next to me, I run with it while listening to Pandora, and I only owe "The Man" $60 per month. Life couldn't be better.

If you're looking for a top-notch phone without getting stuck in an expensive contract I say this is definitely the way to go.