Introducing your little one to a new bed is a huge milestone for the whole family. Picking out the right toddler mattress will help to ensure that your toddler is perfectly comfortable in his or her new bed. With all of the choices available to you, how do you pick out the best toddler mattress in order to ensure that you are getting the best deal on the best product?

Recommendations and Reviews

Toddler MattressIf you have friends and family members who have children close to the same age as your toddler, you can start by asking them for recommendations on the type of toddler mattress that they used for their kids. Budget is always a consideration for all of us, so be sure to mention to them if you have a budget that you would prefer to stick within. Having a target budget range will also help you to narrow down your choices once you start the shopping process. It can be frustrating to find the perfect mattress only to find that it isn’t even within the realms of your available budget.

Using a toddler mattress recommendation from someone you know and trust will help you to narrow down your choices. You could also of course take the time to read some toddler mattress reviews in order to see what other parents think of the mattresses they have invested their money and time into.

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Doing Your Shopping

Kolcraft Pure Sleep Therapeutic Crib MattressIt is typically advisable to get the bedroom furniture that you intend on using with the toddler mattress before you actually purchase the mattress. This way you can ensure that the mattress and bed are compatible in terms of size. Most beds and mattresses are in a standard size, but there are sometimes deviations, especially when you are shopping for an Ikea toddler mattress. Rather measure the bed so that you can ensure you know the right toddler mattress dimensions that you are looking for. The mattress should fit snuggly into the bed frame, and there should not be any large gaps that your child could potentially roll into and get injured.

There are several other things that you will need to consider when you are purchasing your toddler mattress.

Are you interested in a foam mattress or a spring mattress?  There are several differences between foam and spring toddler mattresses, but they should both offer your little one the comfort and support needed to ensure a good night’s rest. Foam does tend to be a little cheaper, and of course foam will result in soft toddler mattress that offers a lot of cushioning. Foam mattresses do make changing out the bed linens a lot easier because it is a lot easier to lift up the foam mattress. And of course, if you want your little one to help you with making his or her own bed, it’d be easier if the mattress is light enough that they can help to lift it during bedding changes.

Spring mattresses tend to last a lot longer than foam, which can make them an attractive choice if you plan on passing the toddler mattress down to another child in the family. It is recommended that your toddler’s mattress be firm in order to avoid the potential for suffocation and discomfort.

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Are you interested in organic mattresses? Whether you should purchase an organic toddler mattress is entirely up to you and your current organic lifestyle. Non-organic mattresses have to pass very stringent safety and environmental tests in order to ensure that they are suitable for a toddler’s use, so you can rest assured that the toddler mattress you purchase will be safe for your little one. If you make every effort to live an organic lifestyle then you may find that an organic mattress is actually the right choice for you. Especially if you plan on using organic linens on the bed; it would seem pointless to only partially use organic materials in your child’s bedroom.

It is important to note that many manufacturers of mattresses are making the move toward using only organic products in the beds that they are producing. They are using recycled and organic cotton that has been certified safe and organic. The result is a toddler mattress that is better for the environment and is still as comfortable as any other type of mattress.

The standard-sized crib mattress will typically fit most toddler beds, which makes the transition to a big kid bed a lot smoother and less stressful for all involved. If you need to use the crib and mattress for another baby that might be on the way, then you may want to consider moving into a toddler twin mattress sized bed. The twin-sized bed is a great choice for a toddler making the transition out of the crib.

Another great aspect to the twin-sized mattress is that is it relatively affordable to find linens that will easily fit onto the bed. When going from a crib to a toddler bed you can typically use the same linens on the bed, which can save a fair bit of money. But even if you do upgrade your toddler’s bed to a twin mattress, you’ll find it isn’t outrageously expensive to upgrade the linens also.

If you prefer to shop online for the toddler mattress that you need, it will be very important for you to carefully read the reviews left by other parents. If your primary reason for shopping for the mattress online is in order to save a bit of money over shopping at a brick and mortar store, be sure that you are aware of what any associated shipping costs could be. If the shipping is going to cost a lot then you could just find yourself negating any of the potential savings. Of course, a lot of mattress companies also charge a delivery fee, so if you have a large-sized truck or SUV you may be better served by going to pick up the mattress yourself.

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