Once your little one has started walking, it is important to get toddler sneakers that are a comfortable fit and won’t cause any discomfort for your little one’s delicate feet. When your little one isn’t walking, shoes can be as pretty or as decorative as you like, but once your toddler is mobile, it is essential to get shoes that will offer protection without impeding their walking progress.

Soft-Soled vs. Hard-Soled Sneakers

Saucony Jazz H&L Sneaker (Toddler).jpgJust as soft-soled adult shoes can cause an adult to slip, toddler shoes that don’t have any traction and are too soft can be responsible for your toddler accidentally slipping and falling. For a little one who may still be unsteady on his or her feet, you should opt for a rubber or leather sole to give your toddler the traction needed. Even your toddler’s slippers should offer some sort of traction so that your toddler doesn’t slip when walking around in comfy slippers.

Toddler sneakers are the better choice over other types of toddler shoes, like boots or sandals; primarily because the construction of a sneaker will offer your little one’s foot more maneuverability while learning all about being confidently mobile.

Achieving the Right Fit for Your Toddler Is Key

Puma Steeple Glitter V Sneaker (Toddler-Little Kid-Big Kid).jpgThe most important factor about buying toddler sneakers is that the shoes fit their tiny feet comfortably. It can be tempting to purchase or use pre-owned shoes that are in good shape, especially when you are on a tight budget. But this is one area that it is typically advisable to purchase new items for your toddler, because kid’s shoes often mold to the shape of their feet. If you put your child into shoes that have already molded to the shape of another child’s foot, then you are essentially trying to force their foot to fit someone else’s mold. This could lead to them being unsteady on their feet and could also result in your little one developing painful blisters.

When you are shopping for shoes for your toddler, there are three parts of the shoe that you need to focus on, in order to ensure the most comfortable fit. These are the width of the shoe, the back of the shoe, and the front part of the shoe. All of these three areas will play a role in whether the sneaker fits your toddler’s foot correctly.

Children’s feet tend to be wider when they are first learning to walk, as this helps to offer them more stability while taking those first steps. As they grow, their feet grow longer and the width and length of their feet will finally become proportional. Toddler sneakers should be wide enough to accommodate your little one’s wide foot. Arch support is not necessarily important, so long as the shoe is wide enough to fit comfortably.

As a general rule of thumb, you need the length of the shoe to offer about a half inch of space between your toddler’s toes and the front of the shoe. If the shoe is too big then your toddler could be wobbly and unstable on his or her feet. If the shoe is too small then your little one’s foot could be tightly constricted and even start to hurt.

The back of your toddler’s shoes should also offer a little bit of room. The heel of the sneaker needs to be tight enough to keep the shoe on the foot but not too loose that they kick their shoes off as they take steps. You should be able to slide your pinky finger into the back of their shoes while they are wearing them, without effort; however you should only be able to slide your finger up until the second knuckle; any further and their shoes could be too loose for their feet.

Going Shopping for Toddler Sneakers

In order to keep your toddler comfortable while learning to walk and explore his or her world, it is important that you get your toddler’s foot measured every two to four months. Their feet can grow so quickly, so it is important that you keep up with their foot size so that they don’t get blisters on their feet.

When you are purchasing each pair of shoes, you should examine all parts of the shoe to make sure that it is a good fit for your toddler’s foot. The shoe should offer good stability and traction, and should fit comfortably all around your toddler’s foot.

Keep in mind that the fit of toddler sneakers can vary between brands and styles, so it is important that you carefully examine each new pair of shoes you buy for your little one.

Some good toddler athletic shoes include the following brands.

  • Nike
  • New Balance
  • Puma
  • Adidas

Puma Tallula Glamm V Sneaker (Toddler-Little Kid-Big Kid).jpgWhen it comes to the cost of toddler sneakers, you really don’t have to spend a small fortune on your child’s shoes unless your little one has specific medical needs for their shoes. You might be able to find some of your favorite brands of toddler sneakers on sale, and you may also find that the selection of Amazon toddler sneakers offers you a great many choices to select from. With the rate that the toddler’s foot will grow, you may find yourself buying as many as six different shoe sizes in their first shoe year of walking. So definitely do your best to find good deals on shoes for them.

There really isn’t any difference between buying toddler sneakers for little girls or toddler sneakers that boys will love, except for the idea that little girls are often less likely to be as rough and tumble as little boys tend to be. With this in mind, it is often recommended that shoes for little boys offer plenty of cushioning support for them, and are as inexpensive as you can find; due in large part to the fact that they are likely to be very dirty and scuffed within a relatively short amount of time.

Toddler sneakers that have Velcro snaps are a great way for toddlers to learn how to put their own shoes on. Most toddlers aren’t ready to learn how to tie their laces, so Velcro can help to keep things simplified for all.

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