Get Your Little One Ready for Summertime Splashing with the Right Infant or Toddler Swimwear

Whether you are looking for something adorable for your beach bunny or something cool for your little surfer dude, there are a number of great guidelines that can help you to help you pick out the perfect infant or toddler swimwear.

Fit is Important

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When it comes to toddler swimwear, you will need to ensure that the fit is right. With other items of clothing you might have a bit of leeway in terms of sizing and fit, but swimsuits can be a little more difficult because you want to ensure your child’s comfort while at the pool or on the beach. It doesn’t matter how cute the swimsuit that you pick out is, in order for your little one to have fun in the water they need to feel comfortable in their bathing suit.

The elastic in the legs of the swimsuit can’t be too tight around your child’s legs or it could cause irritation or chafing and it could even potentially start to restrict circulation in their little legs. You also don’t want to put your child in a swim suit that is too loose because it could not only snag on items in the water or on the beach, but it could even fall down.

Consider taking your child with you to try on the toddler girl or toddler boy swimwear that you are looking at. Either that or you should purchase a few different styles and sizes to try on at home. Toddler swimwear typically runs small, so you may have to select the next size up from the clothing that your little one is currently wearing.

Have your child stretch up his or her arms above their head so that you can see how their swimsuits fit. The material should be tight against their body, but not constricting. Their bottoms should be completely covered and the swimsuit shouldn’t ride up in an uncomfortable way.

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Picking Out Toddler Swimwear for Girls

When you are making toddler swimwear selections for girls you have the choice between a one-piece and a two-piece bathing suit. For toddler girls, especially those who might be in the middle of potty training or may already be potty trained, a two-piece swimsuit is typically the best choice for a few reasons.

Not only will there be less in the way of fabric that could potentially get snagged on items in the water, and potentially pose a safety issue, but the two-piece is typically easier to maneuver your little girl in and out of when she needs to go to the restroom.

Straps on her swimsuit should be adjustable so that you can customize the fit of her swimsuit on her style of body. The straps should not be loose once adjusted, but you should be able to easily get your finger underneath them when you need to make adjustments.

Picking Out Toddler Swimwear for Boys

Making a swimsuit selection for your little guys will also give you the two-piece and one-piece option. The difference is that the one-piece neoprene swimsuits typically offer increased UV protection, and look a lot like a wetsuit. It is not recommended that children spend time outdoors without a sun shirt offering them additional protection for their skin. Be sure to read what the SPF of the sun shirt is so that you know what level of protection your child is being offered.

Toddler boy swimwear trunks should fit comfortably but not too tightly. They should have a drawstring on them so that you can ensure a nice snug fit when getting your little guy ready for a day at the beach. Don’t let the drawstring hang too loose, however. Tie it up in a bow so that it doesn’t pose a potential safety issue. 

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Selecting the Perfect Infant Swimwear

Selecting a swimsuit for your infant is a little bit different from outfitting your toddler for the beach or the pool. Babies are typically a little easier to fit, and in any case it is now recommended that babies who are going to the beach, the pool, or who are otherwise going to be outdoors in the sunshine, wear a full-length baby swimsuit made from neoprene. These swimsuits look very similar to the wetsuits that divers wear, but they offer your baby complete protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays. They typically have snaps at the bottom in order to make diaper changes a "snap".

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Shopping for Deals

Children grow so rapidly that odds are good you will need a new swimsuit for them every year. There are a great number of places that sell toddler swimwear, so you are unlikely to encounter any problems with trying to find something that you really like.

The Children’s Place and Old Navy’s toddler swimwear tend to be in the affordable range, offer the UV protection that your little one needs when out in the sun, and they typically offer a great range in sizes so that you can find exactly what it is that you are looking for. Note that shopping an end of year toddler swimwear sale can be tricky if you are looking for a swimsuit for your toddler to wear next year, primarily because you won’t be able to easily estimate what sizes your toddler will be wearing next summer.

If you are looking for infant and toddler swimwear that tends to fall into the upper price ranges, then Kate Mack toddler swimwear offers some adorable options that will get your little beach babe ready for her day at the beach. Hurley toddler swimwear also offers some great choices for your little ones, and will ensure that they are the coolest kids at the pool.

When shopping for toddler swimwear, don’t forget to get your little ones sunhats so that you can protect their head and their face from the sun’s harsh rays. While your toddler might argue about wearing a hat, it is important to stress the idea that a hat is an important part of their outdoor ensemble. Some other must-haves for a day at the pool or the beach are flotation devices. There are several types of toddler swimwear with flotation devices built right into them, which can make things a lot easier and safer for your little one.

Disposable waterproof diapers are another essential part of toddler swimwear that shouldn’t be overlooked. And, of course, even though your little one’s swimwear offers UV protection, you should still cover your little one from head to toe with sunscreen that has at least an SPF of 50.