5 Reasons Female Muscle Growth is Attractive

  1. Projects Health - A well-built, lean muscular women projects an image of health, fitness and Muscular and Fit at 49strength. When you see a that obviously does some serious cardio and strength training, you can be assured that she eats well, and is fit and healthy. It projects a very positive image.
  2. Makes Women More Confident. When a woman knows she is fit, strong and physically capable, it boosts her self-esteem and confidence enormously. She knows she can change a car tire if needed, or carry her bicycle up to flights of steps. This woman is not helpless, or a victim waiting to happen. This confidence extends to the way a woman carries herself and even the way she walks and interacts with people.
  3. An Athletic Build is More Attractive to Most Men. Strong fit men are naturally attracted to strong fit women. A man want a women that can keep up with an active lifestyle. A woman that can jog with them, go bicycling, kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, a partner and companion. Eye candy is fine, but most active men are not interested in women who avoid a little sweat, those women are fine for older men, but strong younger men prefer an active athletic woman.
  4. Soft is Out, Hard is In. Societies view of beauty goes in cycles, and it seems that for the 21st century, a strong fit woman is the image of beauty. Today's hollywood starlets are no longer soft, gentile helpless women like Scarlett O'Hara. Today our ideal women are more like Lara Croft, Sarah Conner from the terminator, or Jessica Alba in Dark Angel
  5. Fit Girls Are More Fun. Active, healthy women, have active healthy appetites. Strong fit women don't complain about the heat, or having to walk. They are always up for an adventure. They can carry their own backpacks, they can dance all night, and to top it all off they look amazing in whatever they wear.

Female Bodybuilders can be very feminine and yet look strong and fit. Today's greater focus on personal fitness considers female muscle growth sexy and attractive. If you want to get toned fast, I would really recommend the Iron Dolls program, it's sensible, easy to understand, an incredibly effective