top 5 reasons relationships don't work out

Everyone knows that more marriages fail than make it. There are several reasons why relationships don't make it here are just a few.

1. Outgrowing your partner. If you are not confident in your self you are way more likely to be worried about your partner cheating on you. If you are threatened by the fact that your wife is making more money than you then you probably won't make it. If you ever feel like you have to shrink yourself down so your partner won't feel so small then you probably won't make it.

2. Control issues. There is a difference between asking someone to help out around the house, and treating someone like a slave. If you or your partner confuse the two, then things probably won't work out.

3. Selfishness. This one can get a lot of people in trouble. It is very easy to try to keep score and make sure you're both getting the same as you are giving. A lot of people try to make sure everything gets split 50/50, but things seem to work a lot better when everything is done 100/100. If you see something that can get done then do it, and if you're partner does the same the relationship will run a lot smoother.

4. Passing the buck. A lot of times when people screw up it's a lot easier to place blame on the other than it is to just say "Wow i messed up, and I'm sorry". It's a lot easier to say "Wow i messed up, but this isn't as bad as the time you messed up." This doesn't get anyone anywhere. And can turn a bad situation into a worse one very quickly.

5. Stressful times. That's right it's at the bottom of the list. Up until now it's all about people sabotaging themselves. However, sometimes life just happens to you. Sometimes things can go all wrong, and the world is out to get you. Yes, you two are both beautiful and you don't lie or cheat on each other. Sometimes things get tough. Somebody loses a job and it would be a lot easier to hook up with a more successful partner and leave the other one behind.

These are only a few reasons why a relationship can fail. I'm sure there are millions other. In fact, I'd wager to guess there are more reasons for a relationship not to work than for one to work. That's probably why more of them don't work than do. However, just because something could happen doesn't mean it has to. The people that go into a relationship with the best of intentions, and really give it there best to make it work can. If you're in a good relationship and it's working then let your partner know just how much you appreciate them. Tell your special someone that you're glad they are in your life. and don't forget to put the toilet seat down when you're done girls hate that.