2011 has been a very eventful  year with inventions like Samsung Galaxy S II,iPad 2,iPhone 4s and many other great gadgets.Even greater things are expected this year .Check out the top ten gadgets expected this year below.

1. iPhone 5


iPhone 5(77681)

The iPhone 5 is surely the most anticipated gadget of 2012.Although the iPhone 4s was a major hit with over a million sales on the first day itself many people thought that the iPhone 4s had the same screen size and the design as the previous previous models had.But the apple iPhone 5 is going to be different with more stylish design and bigger screen.The iPhone 5 is likely to have upgradations like 8 mega pixel camera improvement,IOS 5 and 4G connectivity.Apple is rumored to be targetting 199$ for the 16 gb model and 299$ for the 32 gb model around the same cost as the iPhone 4.Efficient yet very affordable.

    Let's hope Apple does not dissapoint us this time.

2.   iPad 3iPhone 5

       If not the most anticipated gadget of 2012 iPad 3 is the second most anticipated gadget of the year.It is rumored the iPad 3 is going to have double the resolution of iPad 2 i.e 2048 x 1536,improved camera,4G capability,HDMI-built in port and a fast quad core A6 processor which would be manufactured either by Samsung or Intel.The price of iPad is unknown.the iPad 3 is likely to be released sometime around march this year.So that's not much time to wait.

3.Samsung Galaxy S III

samsung galaxy sIII

                    Samsung Galaxy S III is third on our list.it is rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S III is going to have amazing features like 12 mega pixel camera,2 gb of ram,4.6 inch AMOLED HD display, processor is going to be a 1.8 gHz dual core processor(not a quad core processor yet).The exact price and release dates are still unknown.We can expect it be priced around 550$.

4.Xbox 720

Xbox 720(77892)

            Xbox 360 has been a big hit all over the world.it is even very popular even now.T he Microsoft finally is going to update Xbox 360 lineup with Xbox 720.The Xbox 720 is going to have unbelievable specs such as 8 core processor,3D,4K2K,live TV,web camera and a gps that allows users to view the location of anyother user on an active map.The price of the Xbox 720 is going to be a affordable 299$.

5.Nintendo wii u


nintendo wii u(77901)

                 Nintendo has been the king of all gaming consoles for several years.but in 2011 it has lost it's lead.The  Nintendo wii u is going to come with a 6 inch touch screen controller,3 gHz quad core  processor,built in microphone,speaker,camera ,768mb or 1gb ram.this game-machine is expected to release after march of this year.The expected price for Nintendo wii u is around 300$. Nintendo wii u is going to be a  powerful gaming console with a very affordable price.So,videogame lovers must look to buy this.

 6.Playstation Vita       

Playstation vita(77986)

                          Sony had a big impact on the portable gaming industry with over 89 million sales of it's Playstation portable.Now the Sony is going to bring the much awaited Playstation Vita into the markets.  The Playsattion Vita has been released in japan on 17th december 2011 but it has not been released in UK and US yet. Playstation Vita with features like quad core processor,front and rear camera,5 inch touch screeen with resolution of 960 x 544(approx),Wi-Fi,3G connectivity,built in gps is surely going to be a must buy gadget for all the videogame addicts.the Playstation Vita would be released on 02/22/2012 in US and also UK .the price starts from 249$.

7.Quad Core Tablets and Smart Phones.

quad core

                    In 2011 very good Tablets and Smart phones with fast dual core processors  have entered the markets.In 2012 the Tablets and Smart Phones are going to much better with quad core processor.NVIDIA became the first to manufacture quad core processors for hand held devices with NVIDIA TEGRA 3.ASUS has intoduced ASUS Transormer Prime quad core processor becoming the second after NVIDIA to introduce Quad core processor for Tablets and Smart Phones.So,I think we are going to see a lot of new Tablets and Smart Phones in the market with Quad core processors.

8.MacBook Pro with Retina Display

mac book pro with retina display

                   The MacBook Pro with Retina Display is another expected gadget with very high resolution of 2880 x 1800 for 2012.The MacBook Pro with Retina Display is going to be a 15" model.It is rumored that this MacBook is going to be released as early as second quater of the year.We can expect the MacBook Pro with Retina display to be priced around 2500$.




                   The UltraBooks are thin,lightweight,portable laptops with very high performance.Toshiba is the first to release a UltraBook with it's Portégé Z830 and a weight of only 1.2kg.In 2012 we are going to see many UltraBooks being released.If you want to buy a good UltraBook you will have to  spend around 900$.

 10.Apple HD TV

Apple HD TV
                    The Apple HD TV is the third gadget in our list from Apple.It is going to be available in 13"-15" range. This HD TV is going to come with many advanced 's changes.The HD TV is going to be powered with the company's IOS you can also play games,videos,run applications and have control over social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter and Google+.
 please comment if you have any suggestions for me as it is my first article.