Credit: Photographer: DéJeur

Something More Is Out There

   Planet Earth, we all live here, but how much of it have we actually seen outside of TV and film. It is very true that some people have only been a few places in their lives, remaining primarily in the same areas they were born. Many people may not have the interest, the time or the means to travel, but there are wonderful benefits of experiencing new places. In a very real sense you're essentially broadening your horizon when you travel, because you can potentially make new friends, learn about new cultures, and perhaps even new things about yourself. No matter your situation it is possible for you to travel, for some it may take a little foreplanning, but it can be done. The following are reasons you should definitely get out there and travel!

Meeting New People From Different Regions

In this digital and social media age most people would argue that they meet new people all the time, but how many of those people do they actually meet face to face? Don't get me wrong, discovering people over the web is an awesomely wonderful thing, but how much more awesome would it be to meet them in person? This is why traveling is ideal for making the type of connections with people you simply can't achieve through a phone or computer screen. Another opportunity with traveling is meeting someone totally new, someone who you may instantly bond with, someone that down the line you may thank your lucky stars for meeting. Of course there could be somebody you don't want to meet, but we're thinking positive here. Basically, traveling and meeting new people is a spice of life you should certainly try.

Learning New Cultures

   Whether it be a different country or the country you're in, there are bound to be new cultures for you to discover. When you learn about new cultures you are taking yourself out of the realm of what you're use to and stepping into someone else's realm, which can be fascinating and refreshing. When you go to a different place and see the difference in how others do things in contrast to how you do it, that can be enriching. More enriching than simply reading about, because experiencing it firsthand provides for a deeper appreciation and understanding of someone else's culture. You may pick up a new way of thinking, speaking and perhaps discover a new favorite dish. Above all, you will be traveling outside of your world and into someone else's for a change. 

Learning Something New about Yourself

Staying in the same spot only lends itself to doing, thinking, and saying the same things, which is fine for someone who only wants the same things out of life. I surely hope that's not the case for most people, that's why I feel traveling is definitely an inspirational stimulant for people's lives. To travel to somewhere new is to travel to somewhere new in yourself, just the thought alone can evoke new possibilities within one's self. While traveling, you may discover the explorative side of you that has been waiting to get out, you may discover you hate where you live more than you realized, or you might discover you like to travel. There are several things you could learn about yourself while traveling, you may discover a new passion that changes the course of your life! Without a doubt, learning something new about yourself is a profound reason why you should travel.

Get Out There And Travel!

No matter your situation, get out there and travel! You don't have to have all the money in the world, just have the intention and a way will surely present itself. In this world time flies, don't let it completely fly by you without ever having seen any of the world. If you're able, travel to a different country, but in most cases there are wonderful places in your own country to see, go there! I know traveling may be a long shot for some people right now, but by all means at least put it on your things to do list, because one of the biggest reasons why you should travel is because it most likely will recharge your batteries for the life you're living now.

Personal Traveling Story

Being from Charlotte, North Carolina, I'm used to city life, what I'm not used to however is music festivals. In June 2013, I traveled to Detroit to attend a festival that was created by Metallica, it was a magical time and a great experience. I flew there and used the bus to get to my hotel, Detroit is definitely in some bad times which made me appreciate my city more. Despite a few unpleasant sights I shared a room with some new Metallica friends in a really nice hotel, nice hotels are always a highlight for me when I travel. We were there for a two day festival on Belle Isle, a huge island-like park area in Detroit. Everyone who went to the fest were transported there on school buses, a precursor for  how much fun we would have like we were on a field trip. The experience was the time of my life, I got to see Metallica perform twice, met some new and incredible friends, and came back home knowing there's fun in the world. I can say from first hand experience, traveling can be a spectacular and exciting thing! 

Metallica at Orion
Credit: Photographer: DéJeur