Before you read any further, I'm just a newbie...

Hi, I'm trufflehunter. I joined InfoBarrel in March 2013. For my first month (March 2013), I earned $0.85 in total. I'm currently in my second month at IB (April 2013) and doing much better, with $6.69 as of 18/4/13.

It was daunting being a newbie at InfoBarrel because like every other newbie, I wanted to do things proper from the beginning. One of the things I particularly wanted to achieve was higher earnings.

So, I started studying which of my articles were earning more than others.

By end of March 2013, I had a total of around 15 articles:

Highest earning: 5 Tried and Tested Tips for Budget Travel in Japan ($0.14)

Lowest earning: 10 Practical Reasons for Online Shopping ($0.02)

Average: $0.04

Total earnings: $0.85

(You can see my other articles here).

Things I learned after a month of joining IB

1. InfoBarrel is a good starting place for online writers

- The editorial process of checking articles before publishing is a good sign that this site prioritizes quality and is not simply out to make money off their writers.

- Good quality articles are bound to garner more readers in the long run, so IB will tend to attract quality writers on the whole.

- Excellent community support; the admins cruise the forums to answer queries and also submit their own articles which are targetted at helping out newbies.

2. InfoBarrel is addictive!

trufflehunter Earnings Report March '13Credit:

It's like potato chips, only better because you don't gain weight.

A copyeditor by day, I'm chained to my office cubicle from 9-5. By evening, I'm an IB addict. 

3. It takes time for Earnings to grow

- If you have no idea about SEO or LSI, chances are your earnings would probably be like mine, starting at a few cents at a time, unless you are very experienced and somewhat of an exceptional writer.

- It pays to study your earnings, see which articles have higher paying ads and improve on those that aren't making any money. This all takes time and you won't see results at once.

- Tips to Increasing Your InfoBarrel Income is a useful article by askformore; it's like a back-to-basics reminder for IB writers, new or experienced.

4. It pays to read other IB articles, particularly those about IB itself 

- As a newbie, I constantly have basic questions such as how do I insert Amazon product links, why do IB contests matter, do I have to use SEO, etc.

- By reading good, concise articles regarding these topics e.g. SEO for InfoBarrel Articles by jcmayer777, and How Does InfoBarrel Work by the IB admin. Very important also is InfoBarrel Editorial Guidelines by the IB admin as it will save a lot of headache and frustration wondering why your article gets denied at the Review and Publication stage.

5. Sharing tips on how you made/make money is a GREAT idea

There's one thing we all have in common, rich or poor: we could all do with some extra cash. Hence, it pays to share your money-making tips (if you have any) on the Internet because there are people searching online for ways to make more money! I wrote 8 Good Ways to Make Money on the Side (this article earned me $5.63 in less than two weeks of being published).

Almost anyone can make money writing online, but question is how much? 'How to Make Amazing Money Writing Articles From Home' by Roy Carter talks about the requirements for article writing as a home based income generation method, from an internet marketing perspective.

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That's all from me for March 2013. More updates to come!