tsu, which is pronounced "Sue", is a comparatively new social network that shares a stated up to 90% of the advertising revenue generated with its members, with the remaining 10% being used to maintain the site. The revenue shred is from any source; ad networks, sponsorships, partnerships and direct advertisers.

tsū LogoCredit: tsūtsu has a setup that is very similar to Facebook in many ways, although not currently to anywhere near the level of complexity that Facebook has. It lacks things such as the various APIs[1] that can be used to help integrate Facebook with other sites and content, like games and apps, although there is already a free mobile app available on both Android and iOS.

How can You Earn from tsu?

Basically, you can earn directly from views of any content that you post. The more views and the more popular the content, the more you will earn. You can, in addition, earn from the people you refer - "called "children" - and the people they refer and so on. In theory, this goes to unlimited depth, but in practice, past a certain point, you will need a lot of members making a lot of money to actually see any visible benefit.

Network of PeopleCredit: eGDC Ltd

Of the 90% of the revenue that is shared, half of it goes directly to the original poster and the other half is shared amongst the people who are responsible for referring them, the Family Tree. A third of the 90% goes to the person who referred them, a ninth to the person who referred them, a twenty-seventh to the next person, and so on as far as the network stretches. The higher up a network you go, the less is earned from a member.

What Can You Add to tsu?

You can add the sort of content you would normally add to a social networking site, such as videos, regular posts, pictures and status updates. You can also post links to other content around the web, which will create a snippet post based on that. You can't add anything, of course; there are a variety of types of inappropriate content as described on the site, which is pretty standard in its definition.

Yuwie GoneCredit: Yuwie/eGDC LtdIs tsu the First Social Network that Shares its Revenue?

Probably not. There was, at the very least, a site called Yuwie which was also a revenue sharing social network. This site is now long gone and relied very heavily on a rather intrusive and over the top advertising presence, with a lot of the flashy, sparkly and downright annoying ads that tend to put people off a site. tsu, at least for now, does not appear to be going down that route; the ads are currently quite minimal.

U.S. CentsCredit: Freeimages.comCan You Earn Much Money from tsu?

It certainly won't be easy to generate a large monthly return from the site. Given that there are two main ways of earning, either from your own content or that of your children, you will need, at the very least, a large network of people who find your content interesting enough to interact with, or lots of children who are also active, in order to make money. Both ways are possible, but a combination is the best, and the more your content is shared, the more it is seen, and the more money you can make. Interacting with other people - being social, in other words - increases the likelihood that they will, in turn, interact with you.

How Does tsu Pay?

Payment is currently only by cheque, which is inconvenient for those outside the United States for whom converting US$ cheques can be quite expensive - and there is a $100 threshold. Royalty income is added daily to your balance, but you need a lot of activity before you even see a single cent - something like 1,000 views is quite likely.

The person who appears to have been the first to reach the threshold, Kevin Hinkle, has, at this time, a substantial network with close to 5,000 Friends, over 14,000 Followers and an unknown but quite probably substantial number of children. They are also probably the most popular member on the site. Having said that, the speed at which they are earning seems to be growing, too. He also spent a substantial amount of time building his network.

GrowthCredit: Freeimages.comIs tsu Worth It?

tsu should not considered to be a primary income stream in itself, given how much work can need doing to reach payout. The site can be used to promote other material, just like on other social networks, only on tsu you do the same and get paid for it. In fact, the aforementioned Kevin Hinkle advises not to concentrate on the money itself at first, but instead on building relationships with people - once again, being social.

It is still very early days for tsu, and it could still run into problems. There are also many improvements that could be made, such as the addition of APIs which would help spread its reach, just as Facebook have spread theirs through other peoples' sites and games. Currently, it may be a bit too similar to Facebook and not stand out enough, but, as said, it is still early days.

tsu can be used to generate traffic to your other content, even if Facebook and Pinterest are currently by far the two most effective ways of doing that.[2] It can also be used as a place to get paid for many of the things that you would normally be doing anyway on Facebook. In the beginning, there will be only a limited number of current friends on the site, but that's true of everything. The amount paid may be quite tiny, at least until your network builds in size, but it should be remembered that "quite tiny" is much (technically, infinitely) larger than nothing, which is what other social networking sites pay.

Joining tsu may be a bit of a gamble, but so is everything online, and diversifying your online is always a good idea. Whether tsu will last or supplant the current popular sites - just as Facebook did with MySpace - is a question for the future, but the site does appear to be off to a decent start.