If you live in an older home than you most likely enjoy the character of the residence you have the pleasure of residing in. However there are some issues that most people have to face up to sooner or later with regard to older residences and one of these is the state of their sash windows.

It is not that your sash windows are looking bad – in fact you may have them looking bright and smart with a fresh coat of paint. But are they performing properly in terms of energy efficiency?

When timber sash windows were installed first in homes energy efficiency was not a huge issue. Granted homeowners wanted their homes to be warm, especially in the wintertime, but usually they simply lit more fired or left the heating on for longer periods and this solved the problem.

However given that the price of heating oil and gas is much higher now and is set to continue to rise, it has become more important to homeowners that they should find ways to reduce their usage of heating fuel.

The best way to do this is to improve the energy efficiency of their residence. With regard to windows many property owners choose to install uPVC sash windows in place of the timber sash windows that have been in the home for many years.

This action will help eliminate draughts and cold spots from the home and also will mean that there will be less ongoing maintenance involved in the new windows.

Apart from your windows there are many other parts of an older home that might need to be inspected and action taken. Attics that have not been insulated properly will allow a lot of heat to escape from a home. Even if you insulated your attic area some years ago, the thickness of insulation that is recommended is constantly being revised upwards, so you may well have to revisit this area.

Doors and floors that are not sealed properly are two other areas that need to be re-assessed if you want to make your home warmer in the winter. In fact if you want to improve the overall insulation of your home you will have to look at all of the aforementioned areas. In the same way that a chain is only as strong as it s weakest link, the energy efficiency of your home will only be top class if all of the different parts within the home are up to scratch.

Many property owners baulk of the thought that uPVC sash windows, attic insulation and properly insulated doors will cost a lot of money, but this initial cost can be offset by the huge savings that can be made over an extended period of time.