Many homeowners are surprised by the fact that the maintenance free uPVC windows that they purchased several years ago are now in need of, yes you guessed it – maintenance. The concept that uPVC window units will never again need to be repairs is a myth that has developed due to the fact that uPVC itself has a huge lifespan before it degrades, but that does not mean that all of the moving metal parts, the seals and the glazing have a similar life expectancy.

Even the frames of a window made from uPVC will only receive a guarantee that may extend to a decade. Other than that most of the other components of uPVC doors and windows will have a guarantee of just 12 months.

This can be very frustrating to a couple who have paid a lot of money to have PVC windows and doors installed in their home, say just four years ago. When something goes wrong with a locking mechanism on one of the units they think that they have little to do except to contact either the manufacturer of the installer in order for them to come and replace the lock which they assume is still under guarantee.

The first disturbing news that they might receive is that the manufacturer, supplier or both may no longer be in business. In the competitive world of window manufacturing and installation many companies do not last longer than a few years and this can leave homeowners with product or servicing guarantees high and dry.

If a member of one of the companies does come to inspect the faulty part, the couple may well be told that the guarantee on the part has expired. Often more unscrupulous salespeople will then try to get the homeowners to replace the entire unit, claiming that this is the best solution.

Fortunately it is usually not necessary to have to replace an entire window or door unit because of a faulty lock, hinge or other part. There are companies in fact, whose mission is to supply parts for such homeowners that have window or door units that are damaged in some way.

These companies have huge stocks of almost every type of lock, hinge, handle, sliding rail and any other part required to keep windows and doors operating. They have trained personnel that can assist homeowners to identify the part they require and to advise them how to take the measures necessary to fix the problem.

uPVC window repairs are very necessary during the times we live in, as homeowners cannot afford to replace windows and doors that they only installed a few short years ago. So if your PVC window or door units are acting up don't despair – there are companies out there that are waiting for your call.