Mars Mission

A wave of happiness and pride circulates through the entire Indian Nation on tremendous achievement of India's Mars orbiter's Mission(MOM).On September 24, the Mars orbiter made its way in the orbit of the red planet. A tinge of sweetness is added to the success story by the fact that the Mars Orbiter becomes the  World’s ‘First’ interplanetary mission to reach the red planet in its maiden attempt. Also it is the ‘First’ Asian and 4th World’s project to enter into mars orbit. Of such four interplanetary projects, a mission by NASA called Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN), on September 22, incurred a cost of over $670 million for the Martian exploration. Being the cheapest interplanetary mission, costing only about $76 million makes Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) an accomplishment worth applauding.

China being another master player in Space technology has too tried an unsuccessful attempt of Martian exploration. In the year 2012 the Chinese attempt to probe into mars orbit failed as its ‘Yinghou - 1’ was not even able to leave the Earth's atmosphere. Similar attempts by Japan failed in year 1998 as the Japanese vehicle ran out of fuel before reaching its destination.

Going into technicalities, the orbiter will circle around Mars for six months and collect data using five instruments which are LYMAN ALPHA PHOTOMETER which measures amount of hydrogen deuterium and help to decipher how mars lost its liquid water, MARTIAN EXOSPHERIC NEUTRAL COMPOSITION ANALYSER for studying the composition of upper atmosphere, MARS COLOR CAMERA to take images of Mars, METHANE SENSOR to detect the presence of methane and THERMAL INFRARED IMAGING SYSTEM to measure the thermal emission. Moreover, it will take us a couple of steps closer to the answer of a ‘cause celebre’ about the existence of life on Mars.

With its commendable efforts India’s Mars Orbiter has made entire Asian continent proud of its success. Although been criticized a lot at the time of its inception for the huge cost estimated in the project which could otherwise have been used to reduce the poverty and other problems prevailing in the nation , the main highlight of the project now being that it is the world's cheapest interplanetary mission quite well tackles the allegations imposed earlier. It too heightens the confidence of neighboring countries in India's potential in space technology. This will surely augment the inflow of opportunities in this field and will generate a good sum, which now can be used to reduce the problems such as poverty to even a greater extent.
Hence, making it an investment assuring bigger returns.

Cheers to Indian achievement, cheers to MOM!
A moment of triumph for each Indian!