Power yoga, while often overlooked, is a simple form of exercise for all fitness levels and many age groups.

You can relax, with this form of yoga there are no awkward chants or difficult movements. Everything is done at your body's own pace. This also helps work on your deep breathing to improve overall health and reduce your stress level.

If you like variety and a little faster pace, then power yoga may be for you.

Things You Will Need

Yoga Mat

DVD or class

Great instructor

Time 10-60 minutes

Comfortable clothes

Quiet place

Step 1

Put in a DVD if you are self-conscious and new to power yoga . If you do not have access to DVDs or videos, try video taping a power yoga program from the television. Pause the recording as needed. Power yoga tends to move a bit faster, but feel free to go at your own pace.

Step 2

Seek the guidance of an instructor in a class setting if you feel you need it or want social interaction and class feedback. Check your local recreation department or fitness club for power yoga classes in your area. Often times, exercising with others keeps you motivated. And, being under the watchful eye of an instructor can help you avoid injury and perform the poses to optimize your health and well being.

Step 3

Do specific poses that can help in reducing stress. Twists, forward and back bends as well as long stretches. Child's pose, which is done by kneeling to the ground, crouching down and trying to reach your hands forward is a wonderful way to relieve back and neck tension. You can also stand with your hands behind your head and arch your back to open up your chest. Watch your breathing as this will manage your stress incredibly!

Step 4

To begin, try lifting one leg and placing the foot below the leg on the other, similar to the photo at the top. When you are ready, either remain in prayer pose (hands at heart center) or reach for the sky. Your abilities and flexibility may vary from day to day, so be patient with yourself.

Step 5

Aim for five to ten minutes of power yoga each day and work up to more if you can. You should see an increase in your ability to handle stress and focus as well as function in a fast paced environment.


Tips & Warnings

Do not eat at least an hour before class!

Drink water before class and bring some along, but drink sparingly during class.

Really any of the poses will work to reduce stress, as it is your breathing that will combat tension above all. If you do not have time, do some twists at your desk or stand up and stretch while you practice inhaling and exhaling slowly. See if you feel an immediately reduction in stress.