What's So Great About Becoming a Vegetarian??

Vegetarianism is nothing new. People have decided to stop eating meat for various reasons for a long time. Perhaps you've even considered it yourself. While it's certainly not for everyone, there are many good reasons to become vegetarian.

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Reason to Become Vegetarian #1: It benefits your heart

Numerous research has shown that heart disease can be prevented by a diet low on calories and that a bad heart condition can be repaired by a vegetarian diet low in fats.

#2: It lowers blood pressure

Soon after transiting to vegetarianism, high blood pressure gets normalized.

Barley - Healthy GrainsCredit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barley#3: Avoid diabetes

Metabolic diseases associated with high blood sugar are rarely found in traditional societies that use grain, fruits and vegetables for nourishment.

#4: Seed and grain usage

Judging by statistics of many agricultural institutes, the amount of grain used for feeding cattle could better be used to feed humans. If we used that grain to feed people instead it would go a lot further.

#5: The price

A vegetarian diet is cheaper and groceries are easier to find and store. Raising and producing fruits and vegetables is much cheaper than livestock. This savings is passed on to the vegetarian consumer.

#6: Vegetarians meals are easier to clean up

Contrary to animal fats, vegetable oils are much easier to wash from a plate or frying pan, and even lukewarm water can be used.

Brown Rice - Healthy GrainsCredit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_Rice#7: More engergy

Many people think that people active in sports have to be on a diet rich in meat to achieve great results, but the truth is that those on a meatless diet experience greater energy. It is easier for the system to digest and doesn't tax the body as much as meat will.

#8: Become more aware and compassionate

Soon after embracing vegetarian food you will become more conscious about other beings and have more compassion towards them. By developing compassion towards others a vegetarian is also building a better spiritual life.

#9: Saving water on the earth

Around 50% of all water consumption in the USA is linked to meat production and processing.

#10: A new and more abundant lifestyle

Vegetarianism is not just a way of eating but also accepting new views on life. Vegetarianism is about developing care, compassion, preserving physical health, making your mind clearer and raising awareness of other beings and other cultures.

The first step towards taking care of yourself, and the world, is to consider becoming a vegetarian. Food is the most profound way of connecting to the Earth and by being aware and concerned about what we eat we are establishing an unbreakable bond with the world and with ourselves.

Reasons why you should become vegetarian

15 Reasons to Become a Vegetarian!