For never was there a story of more woe, than this of Julie and her zombie R. Clever literary ploy aside, if you are heading to the movies to see Warm Bodies, you will find yourself pleasantly surprised. Whether you are heading there as a fan of Isaac Marion's book for which the movie is based on or just find yourself longing to fill the ZomRomCom void that was left after Shaun of the Dead.

Warm Bodies makes its debut in the precious few weeks before Valentine's Day and successfully makes itself a nice middle point between gun-totting action movie and sappy romance. While zombies falling in love with humans is not exactly the most appetizing of romantic endeavors, director Jonathon Levine and the author Isaac Marion make it palatable.

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Warm Bodies follows the story of R (Nicholas Hoult), a zombie with a problem. He has not quite come to terms with his existence. He recognizes the necessity to feast on human brains for both their life prolonging effects and the pleasant hallucinogenic effects, but he longs for the social connections of days gone by. The still living humans of the world have walled themselves up in the safe zone in the city, leaving the ravenous undead to build communities of their own. R lives in a community based in an airport filled with fleshy still decomposing zombies and the to-far-gone skeletal leaders called Bonies.


During a romp through the city for food, R and his friends feast on a group of survivors where he meets his perfect girl, Julie (Teresa Palmer). After eating her boyfriend and her friends, he kidnaps her and brings her back to his airplane he calls home which is filled with all sorts of pilfered knick-knacks.

She responds to him in fear and disgust at first, however as she slowly realizes he is not going to eat her; they bond. This odd friendship has a strange effect on both the living and the dead, mostly the dead. As they see the friendship between the two star-struck lovers, the dead begin to feel alive again. In a world where the living and dead are bitter enemies, can this love survive?

If you are watching this movie as a fan of the book, you will find yourself pleasantly surprised. It follows the book rather devoutly until the end, which is for the best as the book got a little trippy there at the end. If you are going into Warm Bodies without any prior knowledge of the book or film, it may seem a little odd at first but the romance is addicting, the action is a little sparse, and the comedy is sweetly amusing.

r and julie

To be honest, Nicholas Hoult as a zombie can only be described as a little 'fugly', but as he undergoes the transformation throughout the movie, he becomes more pleasing to the eye. Teresa Palmer is fun and alluring as the character of Julie, but she lacked the 'badass with a heart' attitude that she took on in the book.

Rob Corddry seemed like an odd choice of R's best zombie friend M, but while he was not large and blonde bearded with a slew of naked female zombie cohorts as he was in the book, he still made a satisfying zombie sidekick. If you are going to Warm Bodies because you are a rabid fan of John Malkovich, be prepared to be disappointed, he was not afforded as much screen time as a Malkovich fan would have liked.

Overall, Warm Bodies is much more than a Romeo and Juliet knockoff, though if Romeo and Juliet did have zombies it probably would have turned out a lot like this movie. Warm Bodies is a fun date movie with something for the girls and for the boys, it is an excellent choice for this Valentine's Day season.