When you start a business your all intentions focus on how your business will grow and how it will achieve its sucess but people tend to forget that when you start a business the only thing that can bring success to your business is how you market your business to give it a wide image to your customers and how you are going to get a big number of customres to nourish your business.

So i decided to write this article to make it aware to the people on how to market your business because when you fail to market your business well then that is where you will find your business collapsing even if you had everything planned before.

The methods to market your business are such as;

You can market your business by advertising by using Billboards and banners where they can allocated in the city centre of even in the rural areas as any normal advertisement for people to see it.

Another method is to create and print flyers where you can put your businness information and then you distribute them on the streets for free or you can post them at an appropriate area for all people to see.

The third method is create Teardrop banners to be situated at a specific area or outside your office/company.You can put your company/business information for people to read it.

The fourth method is to create and print t-shirt with your business information and you can decide to sell the t-shirts or distribute them for free to the people or your customers as a gift or appreciation.

The sixth methos is make business cards that you will distribute to every customer you meet and who shows interest in your business.Business cards brings trust and good image to your customers as they wil see your business as legitimate.

The seventh method is to create post cards or to find advertisement space on one of any popular post cards.You can put your business information and when people use post cards your busines will reach its worldwide market.

The eight method is to put your business information on wheels of the cars or your own car wheels or a drawing on car bodies to allow people to get the information and for you to market your business.

The nineth method is use signs and art creations such as scuptures to express your business to the people but this method you will need an expert to do it for you.Example you can put your information on tea cups,phot frames etc.

The tenth method is to use internet to market and advertise your business as you can create a website or blog and put your companies informations,you can submit your advertisement to search engines like Google,Yahoo,Msn or socialk networking sites like Facebook,Twitter and other search engines.you can submit your site to search engines,you can join for discussions in other business sites and let them know of your business too.

The eleventh method is to join in social gatherings and find an advertising space such as in international events like sports functions/events llike World cup,Tennis,Basketbal and many more,In fashion events like New york or Paris fashion events or Miss world events,In festivals like Cannes France Festivals or any business corporation meetings etc

The last method is to use media to market your business such as televisions,radios or magazines and newspapers to advertise yourself.