Hi Everyone, I'm Liz I started out at 172 pounds being only 5 feet tall I was overweight, I knew I needed to change and time after time I just gave up gained more weight and just figured I wouldn't care anymore. I decided that I couldn't keep ignoring the fact that I needed to change. I started by trying to eat better I didn't see any difference, and I wanted to give up but I didn't, I added in some exercise, when I didn't have any exercise equipment I just started doing simple things I knew I could do push ups, sit ups, and squats, 6 days a week I would do 100 of each. At the time I didn't have a scale the only way I knew my starting weight was at the gym that I was at, I stepped on the scale and I was just so disappointed, I didn't ever want to step on a scale again. Instead I used a fabric measuring tape, Every single week I would measure myself and the small workouts started working! Being too busy to go to the gym we ended up getting an elliptical, and 1 hour a day on that 6 days a week, guess what, the weight just started falling off, I had to start buying a new pair of pants every 2 weeks practically I was so excited! After 3 month the time of eating healthier and exercise I FINALLY decided to get a scale. I stepped on that scale and...I weighed in at 131!, I couldn't even believe it! 41 pounds gone! I knew I still had some to go, but 41 pounds I was fine with that at this point. My goal at the beginning was 120 pounds I had 11 pounds to go and by the next month I was at 123, 3 pounds to go and I ended up losing 7 pounds at the end!! After that I felt so accomplished and I knew after that I couldn't do say that I couldn't do anything anymore!


1st Day: Get a schedule, Figure the number of calories you need to intake, exercise, have a goal.

Your schedule is going to have your goal weight and your starting weight I recommend measuring yourself along with weighing in each week not everyday. Even if you have a pair of pants or dress you want to fit into add that to your goal (I had a pair of shorts and by the time I lost the weight the shorts were too big).

1st rule: Healthy choices will be very important because they will make you fuller than a ton of sweets or chips that do nothing.

2nd rule: Don't go for things like skim milk the fat from whole or 2% milk is going to fill you up a lot better. The claims in the stores of low-fat, low-calorie, low-carb, lite, the list goes on and on whole food I promise will make you feel much more full. Even though it has more calories  you'll likely will eat more of the lower this and that and with all that extra I'm sure that it will add up to more calories, and most of the low and fat-free things have more chemicals in it than under your sink!

3rd rule: Make your own food, especially sweets. Stores stores profit on those chemical filled low-calorie desserts and I promise that if you make it yourself it will cost a lot less. Tortillas in the store can cost up to $5.00 for 10-12 of them! My tortillas cost about 21 cents for 12 tortillas to make that's with whole wheat flour!

4th rule: There will be no tomorrow if you do not start today!