If you are looking for a good fine pair of quality earplugs, then there is no need to look further than the westone earphones line of apparel. They may be slightly pricey compared to the cheaper knockoffs on the market, but they more than make up for it in the quality of their build, as well as the extended warranty.

What I've been using as my pair of glorified earplugs is a pair of westone um1. Take note this is not their line of pure earplugs, but actually more of earphones inside noise reducing buds, or as someone else puts it, earplugs with music. The estimated isolating strength with the default comply tips is about 25 decibels. You can choose to modify this by changing the eartips, many audio shops would have a variety of audio tips available.

Field test
Generally the goal of the comply earplugs is to cut down 25 db of ambient noise without compromising on the sound richness. Basically, this is great for when you are in a studio with music blasting, or at a performance. At a construction site? Not so much. You get to hear the richness of rocks wing taken apart and drills an hammering and all the noise. On the plus side you can hear should someone talk to you, albeit soft the exact words can be made out. More importantly, if you're jogging across roads you can hear the car horns. Once again, may be a good thing may be a bad thing.

If you really want to hear totally nothing, you can consider ordering replacement ear bud tips made specifically for that purpose from the Internet and have it ship where you are too.

Comparison to other brands
The westone glorified earplugs are definitely better than it's competitors in shure and sennheiser. It competes quite strongly on price, as well as having finely honed it's particular line, unlike the other companies which cater for many different brackets of consumers. It's cheaper for sure and doesn't compromise on quality. It also has the best noise reduction capability out there when coupled with it's comply soft tips.

At the bottom line
It makes a great pair of earplugs that can play music. If you are in desperate need of a pair of earphones with good noise isolation, then I can say look no further than the westone series. You'll get quite far with them. At the very least, you can perhaps purchase the entry level westone um1 or westone 1 and later resell it for a good price as westones have great resale value, and then top up on the price to buy a new westone um 2 or 3, which will have more drivers and sound even better.