Universal Keys to a Life of Abundance

Im BrokeWhat are the keys to more money? One very important key is, how do you feel about your current money situation? Here are a few universal keys I've noticed over the years. 

1. Feeling of abundance/ contentment: One of the major keys: feelings we carry about our current situation in life.  If we are constantly feeling lack or indebtedness or a feeling of just never enough, the amount of money, will never satisfy that feeling.  The key to this is to begin to look for some part of your situation and begin be thankful for it, and to stay focused on it.  Do not deny that the bill collectors are calling and the rent is due, but be thankful for some aspect of your life at this moment you can be thankful for.  Usually abundance is so plentiful we tend to take it for granted and is not a concern.  You probably have something that is very abundant in your life right now (besides the collection calls) that you have overlooked, it could be friendship, easy access to local culture, health(very important), your wealth of a specific topic you are very familiar with.  What ever it is that is the feeling of abundance you can apply to all aspects of your life.  

2. Concerns with the how:  one of the aspects that comes with a feeling of abundance is the concern of how a situation will be resolved.  We all have responsibilities in our adult lives that needMoney Tubto be addressed,  and lack of attention to these matters will lead us into areas we do not feel whole in.  Lack of money, or more specifically the lack of things we want to buy with money ( you can't sleep on money, well you could but a bed will probably be more comfortable) is one of the first indications of the lack of balance in our life. Many times if we examine ourselves and try to find HOW we are in this particular situation without pointing blame at someone or something else, and truly look at the actions and thoughts/ beliefs of our selves that created OUR current situation.  By taking responsibility for our actions and not blaming ourselves we can begin to change our beliefs and habits to create the experiences we want.  Once we balance our life the how will be provided.

3. A Belief my life is worthy of all that is available:  This is your life. (period) What beliefs we may carry about who has and who doesn't or who deserves and who doesn't affects where your subconscious thinks about itself (you).  So what you may think about someone else's success or failures is really a reflection of how you judge yourself, and will either enhance or restrict what you are capable of doing, having or becoming.  Relax any restrictions you may have and test the outline  of what is possible in your life.

Summary: Examine the holistic nature of your life (without trying to sound all new-agey) but really looking at one's life in a more whole picture than just looking at, "I never have enough gas money to get to work", you will begin to change beliefs and habits that will create an experience where abundance is second nature to you.... try it really works.

PS: fear will initially rear its ugly head, but once you work through the fear and are willing to accept any so-called outcome, but are determined to live in abundance, You WILL SUCCEED.