What do you require for a new born baby?


Since I am coming to the point where my baby could be born at any minute (literally!), I thought it would be a good idea to jot some things down that could potentially help other people get ready for the big day!


Thankfully, a newborn baby requires very little, although the ‘newborn’ stage does not last that long unfortunately!  A lot of the things that are bought for the newborn are actually more to do with what the parents want rather than what the baby needs.  I am going to be concentrating on newborn and the just after new born phase, as once the baby starts growing up (even that little bit) the needs change quite dramatically.


So where to start…  The best place is before the baby has been born.  Why? Because the baby needs things before it even gets home!


You will no doubt pick up some things from the baby shower (if you decide to have one), but I am going to include the main things even though they may be doubled up. 


The first thing is nappies and everything that goes with them!


Nappies are going to be needed from the moment your baby is born to the day it is potty trained.  This could be between 2 and 3 years old depending on your child.  Do not underestimate this.  If your partner and child are in the hospital for more than 2 hours, a change of nappy will be required.  Babies need a change every 2-3 hours during the day, so stock up on them.  My wife and I have decided to go down the reusable nappy route which can apparently save you up to £700 per year, and in England you also get cash back from your local authority.  This is a great incentive, and the nappies are really easy to use and wash (not like they were 15 years ago!). Along with the Nappies, you will require wipes, talc and baby lotion to help clean up!


The second thing that you require is baby clothes!


With the nappy changes also come changes of the baby’s clothes.  This usually has nothing to do with the nappy end, but the other end.  Every time a baby feeds, it is learning a new skill – namely swallowing.  Not everything goes down the right way, and it generally comes out over the baby (and you!).  There are plenty of things to choose from, but a vital lesson you can learn is- you can never have enough baby grows.


This is actually all you really need to think about while at the hospital (the first 24-48 hours after baby is born.


The third thing you require is somewhere for the baby to sleep


Nursery furniture can be bought as and when after the baby is born.  Most parents have the baby sleeping in the same room as them for the first few weeks after the baby is born, so you only require a Moses basket or cot to go in your room.  We decided on the Moses basket, as it could be put next to the bed for easy midnight feeding (feeding the baby, not feeding on the baby!)


The fourth thing you will require is baby things!


Yes, now we start getting into the nitty gritty.  You will require sterilisation equipment, baby bottles along with a whole host of other stuff to keep baby happy.  A dummy (pacifier), scratch mitts can all be bought in advance, but can also be bought a day or two after birth with no problems (however, you may not be able or want to leave the house at this time!).  Baby playthings, a baby bouncer are all good to keep baby happy.  There are also the bigger things like a buggy/pram, furniture for the nursery.  These can all be bought slightly later on, but planning in advance is always going to be better- fail to plan, you plan to fail!


These are just some of the things you require, but they are the main things.   A lot of parents panic, and buy things very early on, when they do not need to.  One of these would be a high chair for example.  This is not needed until the baby is able to hold it’s own head up, and is being weaned.  Furniture for the nursery is a luxury when the baby is newborn.  Yes, it is good to have a wardrobe or chest of drawers to put baby’s clothes in, but it is not absolutely vital for the baby’s happiness at that time.