What is inner beauty to you?

Beauty is often defined by ones physical appearance. The way you look on the outside is whats often described as beauty. More attractive physical features appeal to other people, either by admiration or sexual attraction. Physical appearance and beauty is defined differently by every person. What one person describes as beauty may be described in a different way be someone else. Symmetrical feminine features are elements of traditional beauty, according to scientists and philosophers. Additionally, people also prefer unique features such as skin complexion, figure, eye color and hair color.

Spiritual inner beautyInner beauty is the opposite. It refers to the goodness of someones soul or character. Religious practices are based upon the idea of inner beauty. The concept of living a good life and helping others is greatly encouraged. They are taught to be kind to others, and not harm anyone, and in doing so their soul will go on to a better place after they die.

Do you have inner beauty?

True beauty begins from the inside. If you have a kind nature, are passionate and considerate towards others, you may be considered someone who has inner beauty. A positive outlook on life comes natural to those who have inner beauty. Most people find it hard to stay positive about things. It is usually programmed into our brain to see the negatives before the positives.

How can you get inner beauty?

If you want to change you will need to start by being more considerate towards other people. Help those who need it, offer to open doors for people and say good morning to strangers. It is the simple things like that which will make you change the way you are on the inside, and gain inner beauty. When faced in uncertain circumstances, think of the advantages/positives and try to ignore all the negative thoughts going through your mind. Within time you will start to become naturally optimistic, and your positive outlook on life will be noticeable to others and yourself.

Inner beauty vs outer beauty

Unfortunately we live in a society where outer beauty is valued more than inner beauty. People are more likely to pay attention to a beautiful women sitting by herself than an ugly woman who is feeding the homeless. Modern society is filled with shallow people who judge people based on their looks. Even if you are someone who doesn't think of themself as shallow, there is a part of you that is. Think about it. How many times have you walked past someone doing something good and not given much thought about it, only to then walk past someone attractive and stare at them. We've all done it.  There is a bit of shallowness in all of us as much as we wouldn't like to admit it. It is something that comes naturally to us humans, and even some animals.

There are even some industries built around outer beauty.  The world of the celebrity is a good example. Only the good looking celebrities have lots of followers on Twitter and are constantly on the pages of magazines. It is rare to see an ugly celebrity being featured regularly in magazines, unless they have a great personality. Why? Beauty sells. People want to see the beautiful celebrities. They want to know what is going on in their lives. No one cares what the ugly celebs are doing. If they want to be famous they have to be talented with a larger than life personality. Beautiful people can become famous without having any talent. Think of all those reality tv celebrities who have now achieved celebrity status for doing something that requires no talent. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian etc

Even relationships are affected by this inner beauty vs outer beauty thing. It is usually the physical appearance and beauty that attracts a partner. No surprise there. The relationship can only survive if the person has inner beauty as well. Each individual will need to be considerate to their partner and try and contribute to the needs of the relationship in a positive way.