How to make your eyelashes grow longer and thicker?

This is how:

what make eyelashes grow longIf you thought that only the naturally beautiful or lucky woman could grow long lashes, think again. Do you want to know what makes your eyelashes grow long? There is no major secret to longer lashes. Plenty of eyelash growth serums are popping up on the net faster than you can apply your mascara. They offer a common problem that many woman want to solve; how to get long, thick luscious lashes without wearing extensions.

Eyelash growth serums and conditioners can give you the length you want by causing the hairs to grow faster. They contain a mix of ingredients that cause the active growth cycle of the eyelash to increase, meaning your eyelashes will reach a longer length than before. Most products contain the same active ingrediant, so price is the only factor you need to consider.

Some people claim that Vaseline can aid hair growth. Vaseline can be beneficial to hair and is a good conditioner, but there is nothing that will work aswell as eyelash growth products.

Are lash growth products right for you?

Although the benefits are massive, if you now have short lashes, it is definitely something to think about. Common side effects include irritation to the eye. With long-term use, the color of your iris can change from hazel,blue or green to dark brown. That is nothing to worry about if you already have dark brown eyes, but if not you need to decide if it is a risk worth taking.

There is also the issue of price. Most eyelash growth products are around $100-150 dollars and the product needs to be used continuously to retain the added length. The hair growth is not permanent. The hairs only grow longer because you are using the formula. A tube of serum will usually last 2-3 months when applied once a day. If you stop using the product after a few days, your lashes will revert back to their former growth cycle and will start to fall out. Any new lashes would be shorter again. If you cannot afford to buy a new tube of serum every 2-3 months, it might be a waste of money in the long term.

It might be a good idea to stretch out the product and make it last longer. Some people find it helpful to apply the serum as instructed (usually once a day, spread thinly across the lash line) then once every few days. That will help you keep your long lashes without needing to buy a new tube every 2 months.

Which growth serum should you choose?

Popular products are Revitalash eyelash conditioning serum, Lilash, Marini lash and Lipocils. There are plenty of reviews available across the net to help you decide between them. Youtube has video reviews from many customers who are happy to show off their new look.

It definitely sounds like something every woman could do to feel more attractive. If you do decide to purchase an eyelash growth product remember to do your research. Find out the possible side effects, read customer reviews and test the serum with a small amount on one eye before using it daily.