Welcome to Venice

Tour the Grand Canal

The Grand Canal is the main and biggest waterway in Venice, and it definitely has the most boat traffic.  It is not hard for one to imagine the historical importance of such a water way for commercial activities in Venice's past.  The two-mile voyage from the railway station to San Marco provides a perfect introduction to the city, and it will give you a good idea of how the city is laid out.

St. Mark's Square

Even though this area is normally packed with other tourists it is a must do for any trip to Venice.  It is a beautiful square that is decorated with beautiful architecture and scenery.  Tip:  the best times to visit St. Mark’s Square with the least amount of other people are early morning and late evening, before the day-trippers arrive or after they’ve left. Enjoying it without the noise and distraction of many people really allows you to see the beauty of this place.

Basilica di San Marco

Upon entering this church, angels trumpet to you in glittering mosaics above vast portals. Inside, the high and vast stone structure is a feat even by today's standards.  This amazing building took almost 800 years to complete, but it was well worth the wait! It is a unique monument both by its artistic qualities as well as it's history.  When going to visit, only a part of the Basilica can be seen.  

Take a Gondola Ride

No trip to Venice is complete without a ride on one of the famous gondolas.  Let one of the captains row you down one of the city's picturesque waterways while you soak up the sights.  Although doing this can be medium range expensive, during and while looking back on it, you will be happy with your decision to go for it.  

Enjoying the View

Built around 888, the Campanile is the tallest building in Venice.  Thank goodness there are elevators!  Going to the top of this building will give you a view of the intricate water ways and layout of one of the most beautiful and unique cities in Europe.

Vino Time!

The region Northeast of Venice is one of the top places for fine wine production in Italy.  It doesn't matter if you are a red or white wine person, you will find something to tickle your taste buds.  Even the house wines in local establishments tend to be on the finer side.  It can't get any better than that. So take a break from sightseeing and let a (or a few), glass(es) of wine relax you and draw you into the laid back Italian culture...at least for an hour or two.

Go Shopping at the Rialto Market

If you love food, this is a MUST DO!  Food markets in Italy are really special, and it gives you the opportunity to see what locals eat and how fresh their food is.  Many locals shop here as well, so it's also a great way to get some people watching and a dose of culture while enjoying the smell and sights of the market. This market is particularly known as a fish market, but there are also plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit for sale as well.  I would recommend taking some time in this market, and don't forget your camera.  You never know when you may see something that inspires you!

Here's a video for some extra help!

Take a Gondola ride