-A healthy diet for your child aids in brain development in the fetus, normal and healthy birth weight, and reduces your chances of pregnancy complications

-Your child is depending on you for its proper nourishment while in the womb

-The Vitamix will ensure that BOTH of you get the vitamins and minerals you need in an easy and inexpensive way to provide the vitamins and minerals you and your baby will need.

-Having the correct combination of vitamins and minerals can help ease fatigue during pregnancy. It can also help alleviating morning sickness.

- If you feel a little nauseous; juicing makes it easier to consume the necessary quantities of fruit and vegetables.

-Juice is often a faster and more attractive option than eating a plate full of vegetables.



-Easy to use
    -3 Buttons
    *Speed dial 1-10
    *High/Low (more power than setting 10)

-Easy to Clean
    *Add hot water from tap and splash of dish soap.  Run the Vitamix on high for 2-4 minutes and its SUPER clean.

-Will blend everything you put in it.
    * It blends everything so fine their is no grit taste at all. 


*Blendtec blenders are very good but they are missing 3 key components.

        1. Vitamix blenders come with a Tamper.  The Tamper a key tool in making the smoothest smoothies, soups, and deserts.  The Tamper allows the user to push and move items in the blender to the mixing blades.  Without the Tamper you would not be able to scrape the sides of the blender to have all ingreadents mix completly.
EXAMPLE: You would like to make fresh Peanut Butter.  You add just the peanuts and turn on the blender.  The blender mixes the nuts into a thick texture.  The texture is firm enough you will have to stop the blender knock down the sides of the blender and repeat the process ten or more times.  NOT WITH THE VITAMIX.  With the included Tamper you can continue to run the Vitamix and push the peanut butter that formed on the sides to the blades. 

2.  Vitamix has a SPEED DIAL (1-10) Blendtec does not.  Vitamix has a speed dial that ranges from the slowest setting "1" to the fastest "10".  You can use the speed dial to mix at the perfect speed.  If you want to make salad dressing and dont want the ingredients to separate, keep the speed dial on speeds 1-5.  If you need to cook soup you can keep it on level 5-10.

3. The Vitamix can HEAT UP.  With the speed dial on the Vitamix you can keep the motor running up to 15 minutes.  Your mixture in the blender will come out steaming hot.  You can use this to make hot soup, hot serving sauces, and hot chocolate syrup.

I hope you enjoyed this article. 


Vitamix is better than Blendtec, the tamper is a must if you like silky smooth drinks