What Extra Curricula's Are Your Children Invloved

Which is better in the long run?


Sports have for years been seen as the way to prepare a child for their coming years of work, family, life and what ever else one may conjure up to add to the list.  As a youth, I was almost constantly in one sport or another and many times engaged in several simultaneously.  I was also involved in a Christian organization called Fellowship of Christian Athletes run by one of the finest men I have ever known.  As I gained much from both I am in a quandary as to how to steer my own children as so much has changed in the last 30 plus years when I was so intensely involved as a  youth.

When I was young I was driven to succeed and perform at a level higher than I initially thought possible.  This was done throughout the year as I was involved in a sport for each season.  I did very well most of the time and in winter during basketball season i tried like heck but was clearly not as gifted as many around me.  However, due to my attitude of hustle and never giving up I was allowed to participate and contribute to our teams successes.  I look back on most of that with fond memories with exception to my senior year in high school.  Not much of anything worked in my favor and I was extremely despondent as a result.  I tried with everything I had and as it would turn out, it was not good enough for those in positions of authority to allow me to show our team or myself how I might excel that final year of my youth.  

During this same time frame I was exposed to several different types of Christian groups and organizations which always intrigued me beyond that which was known to me at the time.  It was only in retrospect that I realized how much I had mentally invested in what was learned and observed throughout those years.  It is what, for a while, confused me.  What I had observed in those years was used later to put the pieces of the puzzle back together.  This cycle of question, dig for the answers, pray, listen, act upon and grow is limitless in its scope of duration in our lives.  So long as we can think, this cycle can, and hopefully will, continue.

That cycle, much unlike sports, does not have a limited life span.  Because of this, I wonder if a life spent honing these skills is not much more beneficial in the end than all those hours of sports. I have run this cycle now several times in my adult life as I have several children beyond the high school cycle and quite a few more young enough to be looking toward high school.  As I have so many thoughts on this it is my intent here to capture the thoughts of the readers as to open a dialogue and compare notes.  

So, what is it that will prepare our children for the best possible future with the understanding that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow?  Oh, now that puts a different spin on things  doesn’t it?  Where do you wish your child’s thoughts and aspirations to reside? 

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