The animation series neon genesis evangelion is similar to Star Wars in some ways. They are both works of science fiction and spawned huge merchandising operations. Many of the Evangelion character figures are relatively expensive to buy so one may wonder if there are any options to buy models at reduced prices.

Finding non expensive Eva (as Neon Genesis Evangelion is often called amongst fans) figurines is helped by the internet. There are a wide variety of online stores offering a whole range of character figures for purchase. With so many to choose from all fans have to do is use appropriate search terms and they will find shops that can help them. The following search terms may help people find good deals from online outlets to order their desired toys.

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There are plenty of Japanese animation series and movies that try to capitalise on opportunities to make money through merchandising. As long as the goods are reasonably priced this market serves both producers and fans well. The creators are able to make money while at the same time producing goods that Evangelion fans can enjoy.

As well as being able to buy directly from online toy and model shops, there may be options to find good deals on sites like eBay. It really depends on what exactly you may be looking for.

The Japanese name for the anime is Shin Seiki Evangerion. It has a few nicknames amongst fans such as Eva, NGE or simply Evangelion. For anyone yet to watch the series, it is an action animation (or anime) with the main plot line being the use of giant robots driven, or piloted, by a group of teenagers who battle monsters known as Angels.

It is a cartoon art form that may not appeal to everyone however it holds a strong appeal for its fans. For people who enjoy watching the Evangelion animation series, purchasing their favorite Eva character models may be attractive to them. All they have to do is decide the best place to make their purchase.

If there are model or hobby stores in the local area, this is a great option to see exactly what it is before they buy. However Evangelion figures are not the most widely available toy items so ordering online may be the best way to satisfy the urge.