Wherefore art thou Waldo?

Desperately seeking someone

Wheres Wally Picture BookCredit: AmazonParents of children who are dyslexic long for the day when their child reads a book. All too often, we, as parents, present the wrong reading material to our kids. We have the best of intentions but we cannot understand why the book get forgotten after a session or two. The reason, in all its simplicity, is that we (more than the child) want them to read.

From the childs point of view they want to read something that holds their interest but without the dreaded words that befuddle them. Having a parent explaining every second word to them causes them undue anxiety and it is little wonder that they do not love books in the way we would like them to.

Important finding

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Waldo or Wally

One and the same

wheres waldoCredit: AmazonOnce Waldo (or Wally, or Wanda) enters the fray everything changes because the child can manage on their own. No need for Mom or Pop to explain what is going on. The whole concept is self explanatory. But, more importantly, it will hold their interest for hours on end.

These books are the catalyst for a dsylecic child to become interested in 'reading'. The power of these visual books should not be underestimated.

Wheres Wally book 7

Seven book set

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Waldo defeats dyslexia

Pictures speak louder than words

wheres waldo postcardCredit: AmazonThe books themselves are timeless and can be revisited time and again. They are challenging too. I find them very difficult when looking for certain items, even Waldo himself. My grandchildren are so much quicker at finding Waldo, Wanda and company. By finding some hidden object before you do empowers the child in a way never thought possible before.


Picture this

In fact, they are reading (albeit, a picture) and observing a book quicker than the adult. This is an amazing turn around in a world where dyslexia can be debiliting for a young child. The image shown here is from my postcard collection. Two sets of Wally / Waldo postcard books have been issued. Each one contains 30 postcards which you can use like regular mail. I include them inside birthday cards for grandchildren. They tend to last a lot longer, and provide more entertainment, than the birthday card itself.

Seeing and reading in pictures

Words are not enough for some children

Seeing the big Picture

So, if you have a relative with little interest in books (they do not have to be dyslexic either) and you wish to encourage them to read then buy them a Waldo book. It could be the trigger they need to get started on a reading career. Many children who had reading difficulties overcame them and have become bookworms themselves. 

Martin Handford has been the illustrator of Waldo and Wally books for more than 25 years and his expertise in depicting crowd scenes is second to none. His illustrations and quirky searches have enthralled children and their parents for many a joyful hour.