Step away from the silvers and blacks - grab some attention with white!

White and black are two colors that are definitely part of the guys style palette, and when it comes to watches, you see watches with black bands and faces everywhere. What about white? Well, it's now hitting its style peak and white watches for men are really starting to shine. Below you'll find five amazingly cool white watches for guys, all very friendly to your bank account as each is below $100!

 Kenenth Cole Reaction Men's RK1225 WatchThe best thing about white watches is that they can be dressed up and down - from tuxedos to active wear, and they grab attention as they aren't the everyday black, brown, or silver-metallic you often see. Whether you're buying for yourself or as a birthday, Valentines, or Christmas gift, this is the type of watch that may not get worn everyday, but when it does it's definitely going to catch some eyes. 

Take a long look at these five cool white watches for men. Each has got a unique look and capabilities, but there's definitely a favorite for you here. 


Casio G-Shock X-Large Analog-Digital White And Blue Sports Watch GA100A-7

Sporty and very durable: A definite G-Shock collectible.

Talk about a little bit of everything - this Casio watch, beyond its cool white look, has got it all. Analog and digital in the face, an advanced chronograph, a timer for countdowns, and it's a world clock. It can tell the time in 48 different cities. 

But beyond everything else this is a G-Shock - definitely a watch brand that guys respond to, as it's favored by some of the roughest and most adventurous people around. Policemen, military personnel, and professional adventure seekers all wear G-Shocks as they're not only stylish, but also shock resistant and water resistant to 200 meters (around 600 feet). 

G-Shocks are a big collectors watch because of this, and this white one is definitely a looker for a set, as it breaks away from the more traditional black styles in the line. 

Breda Men's "Colton" White Bezel Black Accented Silicone Band Watch 8135

A fashionable basic with an incredible price.

This Breda watch has a touch of sport, with a bit of fashion mixed in. It's got a beautiful white face with black numbering which makes the watch pop in terms of looks. 

It's got three sub-dials on its face, but know these are for style only! They are non-working sub-dials, but they still finish the watches face with a higher end look and without the higher end price. In fact, the price of this white watch is the real stunner. For a piece to dress up an outfit without blowing a fashion budget, this white watch really can't be beat. 

PUMA Unisex Loop White Digital Watch PU910801010

Sporty simplicity in white, at another amazing price.

PUMA Unisex PU910801010 Loop White Digital Watch
Amazon Price: $50.00 $29.25 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 8, 2013)

Now here's a watch that is so sporty, and yet so fashionably simple that it can really be worn nearly every day! Of course PUMA is famous for its top of the line athletic shoes and sports wear, so you know the same quality goes into its accessories. 

This digital watch has what you'd expect in a sports watch: a lap counter, a countdown timer, a chronograph, an alarm and more.

It can easily go with everyday jeans and shorts, but because of its simplicity it can work with business casual attire and even add a bit of sporty flair to more formal wear! And the price makes this a no brainer option - really its a great deal for the style. 


Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Classic Analog Field Watch RK1225

Super fashionable with off-white numbering on a white face.

This watch is definitely one you'll want for a night out on the town. Some will say the numbers are nearly invisible, but that's the fashion statement. Its face becomes an organic part of the entire white experience of this timepiece. 

Otherwise, the lines of this watch are very classic. Which is definitely smart as it makes the watch face all the more the focal point. It will look amazing with a classic tux or a white blazer, as well as stand on its own with most summer wear!

Diesel Men's White Digital With Black Dial Watch DZ7131

A tech-modern, yet very fashionable style.

Diesel Men's DZ7131 White Digital Black Dial Watch
Amazon Price: $85.00 $65.85 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 8, 2013)

Diesel delivers with this white watch beauty - it's definitely has a style all its own. Something a bit sci-fi and tech-forward in terms of its lines. Its black digital face offsets the white just right, and there's a sporty side in here too. It features a stopwatch and is water resistant up to 50 meters. 

These are good white watches for men who are a bit nerd chic. It has a real fashion sense, but it's also got that techy feel that can't be denied. And really, who would want to deny it? It works!

Make Some Heads Turn

Seriously these white watches for men can add some excitement to any watch collection. They are not something you see every day, and every guy needs some of that in his overall look. Whether it's for a low-key lunch or a glitzy night out, there's one that'll work and do so in big time style. So move one of those older black, brown, or silver watches to the side, and pick up one of these white watch beauties.