Who isn't familiar with the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden? For those of you who may not be I'll give you a quick synopsis. It takes place in the first book of the Christian bible, Genesis. In the Garden all the food is provided for Adam and Eve. They live in comfort and ease for an unknown number of years. The only request God makes is that they not eat from the Tree of Life and the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. The snake, a craft animal in the garden, beguiles Eve about the fruit. Essentially he convinces her to eat it against God's will. She does that and more, she convinces Adam to eat some to. Shamed by their own disobedience they attempt to "hide" from God.

"Lo, Man has become as one of us," states God when he discovers them. If there is only one God, who is he talking to? I supposed he could be talking to the holy ghost and the son. Some Christians claim this is "evidence" that Jesus was around from the beginning of time. Nice try but it defies logic. If Jesus is "wholly human" as well as "wholly divine" then he must be born of a woman. His mother hasn't even been born yet, so how could God be talking to Jesus? He may be talking to the Holy Ghost.

I wondered if maybe God were talking to the snake and Eve. After all they didn't seem to need the fruit from the garden to give them knowledge of good and evil. They seemed aware they were disobeying at the time they did it. There had to have been evil in the world already if the snake was evil. Adam just wasn't aware of it. He seemed to follow the woman's logic quite naively even though he had already met God.

Some people have told me God was using the "royal" we. Referring to himself as more than one person. So when Man became like one of us, man was becoming as God. In truth, the "punishment" as it were isn't all bad. Adam and Eve are allowed to have a life. They make decisions, some good some bad, out of their own will. Who knows how long they lingered in limbo in the Garden, but it sounds about as fun as a heroin trip - fun in a disembodied formless manner. Not the sort of fun you get from your own choices.

Some people have used this story over the centuries to blame females for all the ills of the world. In fact I was in a bible study less than 5 years ago where a man wanted me to be quiet because after all Eve caused "sin" to enter the world. You would think men would be a little bit more grateful to Eve if this were the case. Without her, men would be mindless drones, if there even were more than one man. Maybe Adam would be all there was if not for Eve.

Some fundamentalists, believe having no will but God's is the name of the game. Obliterating all personal will is the task they came to Earth to complete. It's sort of like asking God what your favorite color is. I think discernment is a gift of the spirit. If he gave it to you, you are supposed to USE it. When God says Adam became like one of us, he is intimating that Adam has become God like in his capacity to decide.