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Halo 3 Spoilers

Halo 4 is the best game in the series since the original. 343 Industries doesn't simply copy Bungie's work. They take the game into a bold and  refreshing direction. These changes range anywhere from cosmetic changes to people and aliens to giving characters actual emotions. Yes, that's right, people have feelings now.

Hail to the KingHalo 3 and Reach both touched on this a little with (Spoiler Alert!) Johnson's last words and the death of noble team. Yet Master Chief remained the silent, almost sociopath, hero. His not showing his face, EVER, and having no reaction whatsoever to the death of characters throughout the series puts him one cheesy line away from Duke Nukem status. Who needs friends when you're the King? 

Halo 4

Halo 4 - Xbox 360 (Standard Game)
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Halo 4 for Xbox 360

An Emotional Tale

Halo 4 breaks new ground in story development. Cortana is spiraling downwards into insanity. Master Chief starts showing his softer side during the course of the game. Cortana makes The Chief promise to figure out which of them is really the machine. He attempts to get back to earth, encountering one obstacle after another as he battles enemies both new and old.

The campaign, as good as it is, is rather short. Most gamers will be able to complete the game in a good Saturday gaming session. I believe I finished it in a little over four and half hours. Halo 4 does make up for this in other areas. Halo 4 comes with an all new online co-op mode that follows the story of the new Spartan IV program. This comes with new DLC and movie clips with more episodes on the way.

Halo 4's multiplayer is improved as well. Sprinting can now be used with other upgrades. Armor customization returns with ability upgrades that can be purchased with spartan points (awarded at each level). The most significant change is the new weapon loadout. Players can make various combinations of grenades, assault rifles, pistols and armor abilities. Don't worry rocket launchers and sniper rifles will still be only found on the map and in special game types. No CoD noob-tubers here. Halo 4 proves itself one of the best games of the year with excellent graphics, trademark Halo multiplayer, new co-op, and continued DLC content.

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