Eye-Fi SD

Eye-fi SD card


WiFi enabled SD cards come in specific capacities - 4, 8, 16 or 32. But there are some cards without any internal storage. So that you can add your own microSD card, it might be good for some guys. who like to use their old SD. However, keep in mind that you wont be able to unlock the full feature of this device unless it is capable of transmitting and receiving data faster. Especially, taking pictures in lots of frames per second (burst mode) or HD video require  a higher class memory card - MicroSDHC class 10 card. 

A WiFi SD card wirelessly transfers photos and videos from your camera to your smartphone or tablet. You take the pictures then watch them appear on your mobile device to enjoy and share, instantly.When capturing a high volume of images on a photo shoot, being able to wirelessly connect your camera to a smartphone, computer or to 'the cloud' has a lot of appeal. WiFi can make workflow by allowing you to move image files remotely while on location and also remove the need for card readers or cables. As wireless technology continues to become more and more important within the digital imaging world, it's easy to forget that camera doesn't have to have WiFi built-in to benefit from the advantages of connectivity. WiFi capable SD memory cards have been around for a number of years, and they remain popular.

Connectivity and Wireless Transfer.

Older cards will only be able to transfer at slower rates. Look for 802.11 transfer speed. For some people range is important, it depends on what work you do and where you are. Obviously if you have an assistance with in 10 feet of you who will be holding a tablet, it is going to be fine. That's not the case for most of us, if you are connected to a lap top inside the building and you are working outside for example - a wedding or some other function, it becomes an issue. SD cards can only transmit about 100 feet with nothing on there way to block the WiFi signal.

The best feature about these device is that you don't have to remove the card from your camera like all the other cards without WiFi and attach it to a SD reader on your PC. WiFi SD cards has the ability to transfer wirelessly, all you need to do is connect through supply transfer utility. The cheapest one available on the market will only provide a web interface which you will find old fashioned for extensive use. Most of the best in the market will give you an application that you can download to your smart phones, which will make the process much more easier and faster. Best SD's will provide a desktop application too.


Best In The Market

These WiFi devices can be paired with any camera that uses an SD card, As the card itself handles WiFi capabilities. Nevertheless, the market leader EyeFi has worked with some camera manufactures to give additional features for its users.