Wind and Ocean Currents

Wind and ocean currents are forces of nature caused by gravity, tempurate, the gravitational pull of the sun and moon and salinity differences. Ocean currents affect weather, food chains, human activity and can cause natural disasters.

Currents are of large importance to all living organisms, having many uses. They give oxygen, heat and food to all oceans. Ocean currents also have a large impact on the food chain.

The Gulf Stream is one of many currents of the world. It is a major current that runs from Africa to Europe, up into the Arctic back down past North, Central and South Americaand so it goes on. The Gulf Stream supplies a form of transport for young eels travelling from Africa to Europe or North America. The Gulf Stream is important because it make the United Kingdom more of a tempurate climate.

The Agulhas Current is one of the world's largest currents in the Indian Ocean. It is part of the Western boundary current of the Soth-West Indian Ocean and is part of the westward flowing South Equatorial Current. It is a narrow, swift and strong current. The East Madagascar Current and th Mozambique Current veer of the Agulhas Current.

The California Current is an important current in the Atlantic Ocean. it travels South beginning at Southern British Columbiaand finishes at Southern Baja California. The cold waters supply lots of food but during El Nino that all changes. El Nino is a natural phenomenon that changes the direction of the Tradewinds. This leads to declines in phytoplankton resulting in a domino effect up the food chain.

The Leeuwin Current is a warm ocean current. It rounds Cape Leeuwin to enter South of Australia where its influence extends as far as Tasmania. The West Australian Current and the Southern Australian Countercurrent which flow in the opposite direction, create one of the most interesting oceanic current systems in the world.

Ocean currentsare as fascinating but due to global warming it is creating natural disasters and other things, for example, El Nino and La Nina's have increasedue to global warming effecting the California Current. it has to be stopped.