Wireless Security Cameras Systems are an excellent choice for securing your home or business. The main benefit is how easy these systems are to install. Using wireless means that you will not need any cables to connect up all the equipment together. In some places, running cables from one place to an another might be difficult or even impossible. To power most wireless equipment all they need a power outlet, but some systems use batteries. Using wireless also makes your security system a lot more portable allowing you to change things around more easily.

Types of Wireless Security Systems

There are many different types of wireless security systems available. In this article we are going to look at some of the most commonly used systems:

  • Analog CCTV
  • Wi-Fi IP
  • 3G/4G System

Analog CCTV

An Analog CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) system transfers video from the camera in much the same way as television stations transfer programs and other content to your television set.

Connect the camera to a transmitter. This will send a video stream through the air. A receiver picks up the video stream which connects directly into your TV. The video can now be viewed on your TV.

If you want to view the video stream remotely, such as if you are miles away from the camera or in another country, you can connect the system up to the internet. To do this you will need a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Connect the DVR between the receiver and to a modem. The modem must have access to the internet. Now, you will be able to view the video stream from any computer with internet access.

Having a DVR connected to the system has also the major benefit if you want to record the video from the camera so that you can look back over it at a later time. These are very useful if you need to look back over the video from the previous day, or week, to see what happened at a certain time. Configure the DVR to keep the video for long as you need, but remember the DVR will only have a limited amount of storage and might start overriding the stored video with its full.

Analog CCTV Security Camera

Wi-Fi IP

Nowadays, many homes and business have a Wi-Fi network setup so that users can get access to the internet with their Laptop, PC's or their Smart Phones. Having a Wi-Fi network already set makes adding a Wi-Fi IP security camera very simple, and straightforward. All you need to do is attach a Wi-Fi IP security camera to the wall or ceiling. Setup the camera to connect to the wireless access point, making sure that the camera is within the range so that the two devices can communicate and transfer data back and forth. The camera can now be accessed by any computer from within your local Wi-Fi network. It’s that simple and there is no need to buy any other equipment.

To view the video remotely you can connect the system to the internet. You can do this by opening a connection through your modem. Your camera is now accessible from anywhere on the internet. You can then access your camera remotely by entering your IP address and port into a web browser.

Wireless IP cameras are by far the easiest way to set up your security system. If you already have an existing Wi-Fi network then you don't have to buy much equipment. Scaling up the security system is also only a matter of adding extra Wi-Fi IP cameras.

WIFI IP Security Camera System

3G/4G System

This system transmits video from the camera in the same way that a mobile phone makes a video call. It uses the 3G or 4G cellular network to send the video. It is much the same as a security camera that has a mobile phone integrated in it. You can view the video from the security camera by simply making a video call from your mobile phone. This type of system is very useful if there is no Wi-Fi network accessible in the area. This option very portable as it only needs access to a 3G or 4G cellular network which already has a very large area of coverage. You will need a SIM card for the camera just like you need a SIM card for a mobile phone.

3G/4G Security Camera System

I hope this has given you some useful information about the types of wireless security camera systems and helps you to build your own system for your home or business.