While I am not uniquely qualified to write on the subject I will do my best. Woman refers to an adult female human.  While man can often be used to describe the entirety of mankind or humanity woman is not afforded this same luxury. While man and woman have had their fates intertwined since the very beginning they have always seemed to take more of a backseat to the whole thing. Although, they are genetically predisposed to be smaller and weaker women can do almost anything a man can do, and a few things a man cannot do.

Throughout our struggle to survive on earth woman have been thought of as the lesser sex. They would be given the lesser jobs, and looked down upon as second class citizens.  They where seen as people who could only raise children and tend to domestic affairs. However, through necessity and struggle women have demanded equality and freedom from these previous norms. They have rose up and are nearly on par with men as far as wages are concerned. In fact women account for more than half of university graduates. However they are only 30% of science, and engineering fields.

Also another interesting them you can find is that woman may be given a seemingly deeming task that men refuse to do only to have them take it back and champion it as a manly profession. Two such examples are cooking and film editing. For the longest time women were assigned to the kitchen and told that it was woman work. Then suddenly the title of chef appeared, and men began to dominate the field and seize it from women. Originally women where assigned to the role of editing film it was all to similar to sewing. Then, men stepped in and made it a male dominated profession.  

While woman's story thus far is one of struggle and triumph it is also one of beauty. Women are more often regarded as objects of desire and affection. Painters and sculptures have sought to capture the beauty only they posses much more often than that of the male form. Many women believe that this is also another hurdle that they must over come. They claim it is harder to be taken seriously when you are a beautiful woman.