The pros of this system include-

- Its whisper quiet.(the old xbox sounds like a jet engine when its running)

-Built in Wi-Fi.(no more cables or expensive wireless adapters)

-Its much smaller and compact.

-More usb ports.

-A sleek black glossy finish.(pretty classy)

-250 GB hard drive.

-Hidden hard drive compartment.(internal hard drive, not external like the old one.)

-Ready for Kinect which comes out in Nov.

-The touch sensor buttons are pretty awesome.

-Due to its size and weight, its fairly portable.


The cons of this system include-

-Its $300 price may set you back a bit.

-the Wi-Fi could be difficult for the inexperienced.

-The touch sensor buttons on the system make it easy for someone to accidentally turn the system on or off.

-There arnt any cool extras for what you pay.

-The content hasn't really changed just the hard ware, design and functionality.(its still an xbox 360 just and upgraded and better version.)

-Doesn't come with an HDMI cable standard.(have to buy it separate.)

-It does include an xbox live membership but its a silver not a gold.

-The old hard drive is not compatible with the new system.

-If you want to transfer your previous game info from your old hard drive to the new one you have to buy a transfer cable for an extra $20.

Full Review

Ok so im sure that some of you xbox fans are reading this right now but there's a good chance that you have an older system. So thats why im talking about the xbox 360 slim. This is the new system recently launched from Microsoft, which in my opinion makes the old 360 look obsolete. I happen to own one of these baby's, so you could call me an expert. So if your looking to upgrade I think you might want to keep reading. Look over the pros and the cons and think about if you want one or not.

In Closing

Alright so Ive covered plenty enough for you to be able to make up your mind. And in my opinion this system is completely worth it. But I'm not saying that you have to go out and replace a perfectly functioning system, but if you have the means I highly suggest picking one up. So in general I think that its a great idea to up grade to this system but I guess that you, the reader and gamer, has to be the judge of that. So until next time peace and keep reading.