If you're interested in purchasing a World of Warcraft guide, then take some time to read this zygor latest version leveling guide review. Inside, we will go over everything that included in the new and improved guide for cataclysm.

In this article, we will discuss what has been added from the last version as well as what has been improved.

What has been added:
-Worgen and Goblin starting zone
-a guide for every new zone
-built-in waypoint arrow

let's talk a little more about how the additions will benefit you. When you decide to start one of the new races, either Worgen or Goblin, this guide comes complete with both guides for either race. The world has changed, and there are tons of new quests for every zone on every continent, this guide gives you the knowledge that you will need to get the most out of each zone and what quests are best to gain levels the fastest. The built-in waypoint arrow will guide you to the next available quest and where your quest will lead you next, there is no need for any other additional add-ons. You have everything you need with this guide until you are ready to raid.

Benefits of this guide over its competitors:
-offers guides for both continents, over 35 zones
-cheaper, both for $60 or individually for forty each

Let's talk about this in more detail.

The first benefit we will discuss is the books. Most other leveling programs only offer a book for one continent, because they believe that you can stay on one continent the whole time. While this may be true, you may get bored of one continent and want to switch and with this guide you can feel free to explore. You will not be restricted to only one continent, there is a guide for almost every zone on each continent. Over 35 for each.

The other addition we will go over is how much each get costs individually and how you can save money by buying both if you need both. With you are horde or alliance you have a choice of which guide you want and if you have a character of both factions, you can buy both. Buying individual they cost $40 each, but if you decide tu purchase both at once they are $60. This is a fairly low price when compared to other guides and also when considering all the things that you get with this guide.

This wraps up this zygor latest version leveling guide review. If you're still undecided, keep in mind all the benefits you will gain from this guide.