Do you want to get paid for writing about anything? Hubpages is the best revenue sharing site to make you passive income by writing about anything! Here are my top tips for maximising your Adsense earnings on Hubpages. Don't dream of writing articles for a living - get online and write enough articles so you can give up your day job!

First a little about me. At the time of writing this I've been on Hubpages for 3 months and I have 140 hubs. Yes 140 hubs in 3 months. Now let me tell you - if you want to make the sort of money that will allow you to reduce your working hours or give up work altogether then you will have to be able to write at that rate. Actually, you'll probably have to write even faster than I do.

So that's the bad news. Here's the good news. There are shortcuts to making decent money on Adsense through the Hubpages revenue sharing model. Here are my top Hubpages tips for maximising Adsense income on Hubpages:

Tip 1 - Nice Niches

There are so many newbie's writing about forex, weight loss and other highly paid keywords that it's ridiculous.

While these niches do indeed pay well, if you personally know something about these niches there's no way your article will stand out.

Be rest assured that there are many other high paying niches. I don't want to talk specifics, because really you should write about what you know about. But I have to tell you that a huge neglected area is writing about business topics. Stuff that you need to buy as part of your job, that will have a decent cost per click in Adsense. So think about your job and all your previous employment history as you try to come up with ideas for things to write about. Don't forget that if you work in a big company the chances are you will tell a secretary or purchasing manager you need to buy something, and that person will be clicking ads all over the place trying to find out where to buy some obscure business related widget or service they have little knowledge of.

Tip 2 - Target "Buy" Mode People

This really is the best tip of all. If you want your Hubpages to make cash, you need to tailor your articles towards people who are looking to buy something online.

We're not really supposed to discuss click through rates (CTR), so I can't quote specifics. But I am happy with my hubpage CTR's. I will tell you though that on other sites I have many tutorials and they have CTR rates of less than 1%. People quickly looking for how to do something rarely click on adverts, especially if your page has the answer.

Actually, the "buy" mode is a bit misleading. Don't forget that people looking for information will also be in buy mode, and will be much more likely to click on adverts. Think of downtown travel agency stores - people go into them and pick up cruise brochures ("information" mode), then they might return to book the cruise ("buy" mode).

Tip 3 - Avoid "Dodgy" Areas

While you can write about pretty much anything on Hubpages, be aware that Google is an American company. Hee hee, Americans are pretty prudish compared to us Europeans. So if you see that your articles are starting to show a lot of PSA (Public Service Ads) then one reason is that you might be close breaching Google's guidelines about what you can't write about if you want Google Ads on your page. While I've never written about gambling or the other proscribed areas, I wrote an article about giving great massages. That article has always shown PSA ads, presumably because Google suspected the hub was about the "other" kind of them you can get. The problem is, I don't know which words in my article Google thought were red flags. If I didn't know better I'd say that only women are allowed to write articles about giving massages!

So keep it clean folk!

Tip 4 - High Traffic, Low CTR

If your Adsense account is new then Google might not trust you enough to get the juicy $3+ click ads on your site. You need to build trust!

As well as writing my high earning hubs and other pages, I also write a few pages that I know will get massive traffic. They don't get many clicks, but it's my theory that big numbers massively increase your page views and make it less likely for any suspicious activity on your account to stand out.

If you want a few hubs with massive traffic to get you started then ideas for articles are:

  • Photos of celebs or photos you've taken of popular things (like photos of New York or other popular travel destinations).
  • Wildly popular hobbies like tropical fish.
  • Computer programming articles about how to do X in program Y.
  • Stuff about photography and cameras.
  • Women's issues!

I don't know how hubscores are calculated but if you have 10 well written hubs with decent traffic then you'll easily get a hubscore of 80+. You know one of my Hubpages accounts got a me hubscore of 90 with just 4 hubs.

Tip 5 - Long Tail Niches are Rubbish!

I have 150 hubs on a wide variety of topics. I can tell you that my hubs about long tail niches don't do that well.

My highest earning Adsense hubs are all based on two word keywords that get at least 100,000 monthly searches on Google.

Don't worry about the competition. Write top quality content in a popular niche and you'll get those clicks.

To be more specific for this tip, articles that work well here will cover relationships, money and health (but try to think beyond mega competitive things like weight loss or forex!). A popular hub with $0.20 clicks can easily out-earn a forex hub that gets a $2 click every other month.

Tip 6 - Use Google Analytics

This is a short tip. If you have a Hubpages account then you MUST use Google Analytics. Google Analytics will tell you exactly what pages are earning you money. It will even tell you which keywords people were searching on in search engines when they found your hub. Now it doesn't take a genius to work out that if half a dozen of your hubs are getting a lot of clicks then you've probably struck niche gold!

By the way the longer you have Google Analytics running on your sites for, the more accurate your statistics will be when it comes to planning new hubs.

Tip 7 - Don't Write Newbie Rubbish

One of the biggest problems newbie hubbers have is that they write 5 hubs that will not get much traffic or clicks, then they give up. I've seen it so many times. So please, no poems. No articles about religion. No rambling pieces.

Funnily enough "professional" writers often make terrible hubbers, and they certainly don't seem to crack the secret of making money from writing. Let's get this straight - you don't need to be a professional writer to make money from Adsense. My best Adsense page makes $20 a month and it's a 200 word article I only half finished.

Think of your first 5 hubs as your job interview for a writing gig at Hubpages. Your first 5 hubs should be about popular hobbies, relationships, recipes, money or health. Only write about something you are a bit of an expert on.

By the way, there are loads of female hubbers, so if you start by writing hubs about cooking or kids or women's stuff then you'll get a lot of love from your fellow hubbers, and if they start following you or voting your articles up then your Hubpages money making career will be off to a flying start.

Tip 8 - Use Those Hubpage Capsules

It's good to break up your text by putting it in several capsules. That way Hubpages can put adverts below the capsules which is great, as adverts in the same column as the main text have excellent CTR's.

I generally put 100 or so words in the first text capsule, then I add more text capsules. If I put photos in I always keep them small and put them further down the page so that the top of the page is packed full of adverts that attract the eye, rather than photos.

Tip 9 - Visit the Evergreens

The secret of making a living from Adsense is having "Evergreen" content. To do this you need to write about topics that are always going to be searched for online. An example are my pages about Neon Tetras. They were, are and always will be one of the most popular tropical aquarium fish. People will always buy Neon Tetras, then go online to find out how to feed them etc.

I write about technology, and that's not so evergreen.

People writing about iPhones make good money, but will the iPhone be around in 5 years? Who knows! If you write about a particular make and model of an appliance you might do quite well but when that appliance is no longer on sale then it's game over for your hub (until that appliance becomes an antique of course!).

In general I aim to make a return on my Hubpages investment over 5 years. If something will be around in 5 years, I'll write about it. If it's going to be 10 years then even better.

Tip 10 - Think Outside the Box

One final tip - be creative. One of my most popular hubs is a hub about USB hubs. Do you see what piece of SEO magic I performed there?

If you have more Hubpages tips add them in the comments below!