While there are many things your child can play with and entertain themselves, there are eleven timeless toys that every child should have. Many of today’s modern playthings make noise and do things for your child. While it is fun to listen to a song or watch something move about, it doesn’t help foster your child’s creativity and imagination the way these 11 timeless toys for children do.

Here are eleven timeless toys every child should have. One of the best things about giving these toys to your children is that you get to play with them all over again!

Timeless Toy Every Child Should Have #1

Wooden Blocks

Melissa and Doug Wooden BlocksCredit: www.amazon.com

Just about any child who is put in front of a set of blocks starts to build a magical castle or a big fort. Remember the frustration of getting your tower to just the right height, and then it crashes to the floor? Most people probably have a memory or two of a sibling or a friend getting great joy of knocking down all of your hard work.

Wooden blocks are a timeless toy because they teach children about spatial relations. How many square blocks equals a rectangular one? How many rectangular blocks can stand across two cylinder pillars?

If the blocks are different colors, then children can learn their colors while playing. And of course, the square alphabet blocks are perfect for finding the letters in your name.

Timeless Toy Every Child Should Have #2

Magnetic Alphabet Letters and Numbers

Magnetic Alphabet LettersCredit: www.amazon.com

Magnetic alphabet letters and numbers are another classic childhood toy every child should have. Whether you stick them to the refrigerator to make words or play with them on the floor, this educational toy is a must have for children once they no longer put small items in their mouth.

Children can spell their name, make simple words and sort out the alphabet. They can put the numbers in sequential order. No noise is needed!

Timeless Toy Every Child Should Have #3

Tinker Toys

Tinker ToysCredit: www.amazon.com

Tinker Toys permit children to build without restrictions. They can connect rods and wheels to make any kind of design or figure their imagination creates. Tinker Toys are also a wonderful way for children to learn about spatial relationships.

The Tinker Toy sets come with directions on how to make Ferris Wheels, lawn mowers, and so much more. Permitting children to “read” them, go step-by-step, make mistakes and take them apart until they get it right is a life lesson in perseverance learned while playing.

Timeless Toy Every Child Should Have #4

Lincoln Logs

Lincoln LogsCredit: www.amazon.com

Along the same lines as Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs permit children to build according to a diagramed design or on their own. Again, spatial relations are learned while connecting long logs to shorter ones. The possibilities are endless, especially when you have several sets to build with.

Timeless Toy Every Child Should Have #5


LegosCredit: www.amazon.com

Another timeless toy that every child should have that has endless possibilities is Legos. Toddlers begin their Lego building experiences with the Duplo sets, and work their way up to smaller pieces as they stop mouthing.

Building with Legos is fun when you build houses, forts, cities, castles. Stick with one color for each wall or make a pattern. These are pre-math skills that are essential for children to learn before entering school.

Timeless Toy Every Child Should Have #6

Play Doh

Play Doh Fun FactoryCredit: www.amazon.com

Who can resist the smell of a freshly opened can of Play Doh? The perfect cylinder shaped blob becomes anything a child can imagine. There are many Play Doh kits with all kinds of fancy cutting, pressing and rolling tools for children to make designs with. You can even use cookie cutters to make shapes out of Play Doh.

If you are a fun parent, you let your kids mix the colors up. This is a terrific way for children to see how new colors are created by combing old ones. It is also a life lesson…mixing different things together can create something new and beautiful.

One of the benefits of having children work with Play Doh is that they are working with their hands, helping them develop their fine motor skills and muscles in their fingers.

Timeless Toy Every Child Should Have #7

A Baby Doll and Carriage

Graco Baby Doll Play SetCredit: www.amazon.com

Many boys become daddies and many girls will become mommies. Why shouldn’t they both play with a baby doll and carriage? Playing with dolls, for both boys and girls, is a way for them to learn to nurture another person.

Playing with dolls is also a window into the lives of children. Many preschool teachers have listened to their students role play and can hear how parents speak and discipline their child. That should serve as a warning to any parent!

Timeless Toy Every Child Should Have #8

Tonka Trucks

Classic Tonka TrucksCredit: www.amazon.com

How many of you played with your Tonka trucks on the wooden floors of your home or in the sandbox? Remember moving the cherry picker and the crane? Dumping blocks that you piled into the dump truck?

This timeless, classic toy for children is one that both boys and girls enjoy. Don’t buy the ones with all of the buttons that make noises. Let your child make the “vroom, vroom” sound or the “beep beep” of the truck backing up.

Timeless Toy Every Child Should Have #9


Melissa and Doug PuzzlesCredit: www.amazon.com

Puzzles are a must have toy for every child. Toddlers use their pincer grasp to lift the handled wooden pieces. Preschoolers move from simple six and eight piece puzzles to larger floor puzzles. Children learn how to make the puzzle using the picture on the box.

Having your child play with puzzles in groups helps foster collaboration and cooperation.

Timeless Toy Every Child Should Have #10

Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head is a classic children's toyCredit: www.amazon.com

Mr. Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head, and the rest of their family and friends have been delighting children long before Toy Story came along. With interchangeable body parts, children can create all kinds of faces, so no two spuds can look alike.

Timeless Toy Every Child Should Have #10

Etch a Sketch

Etch a Sketchis a classic toyCredit: www.amazon.com

A reusable art tablet, Etch a Sketch is another timeless toy every child should have. Make a mistake? Shake it up, erase it, and start all over again. It is portable, no mess art.

These eleven timeless toys that every child should have make perfect gifts for preschoolers. The fact that they are still around today speaks to it’s timeless nature.