2011 Ford F150Background

I've owned several Ford trucks over the last few years. A 2000, two 2005s and this 2011. They all have had 4-wheel drive. One of the 2005s was a club cab with a 5.5' bed. The others were super cabs with 6.5 boxes. All of them, except this last one have had the 5.4 liter V8 engine. I think this provides a pretty good background for comparison. 

The Purchase Details

I bought this truck with just under 60,000 miles on it. It now has 90,000 miles. I purchased it from a Ford dealer as a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle and added an extended warranty. I had it under-coated and rust-proofed. I plan on keeping it for a long time. It has the Lariat trim package so it includes leather heated seats, premium sound system, Sirius XM radio if you subscribe and Ford Sync which allows for connection of devices though a USB port and Bluetooth.  I use it mostly for work. I have installed a crossover tool box and 2 side rail boxes. I haul a few spools of wire, a 4' step ladder and a 6' ladder so there is some weight on it all the time. The truck drives nicely in almost all conditions. I do notice a bit of a lag or hesitation when turning at an intersection then accelerating. I think part of it is turbo lag and part of it is the transmission. I discovered recently that shifting to the tow/haul mode eliminates this problem. 

Gas Mileage and Performance

This 3.5 liter turbo charged engine has MUCH more power than the 5.4 V8.  The 2011 also has a 6 speed automatic transmission, which, I'm sure helps the acceleration. Gas mileage over all is a little better than the V8. I have gotten as high as 21 MPG on the highway driving 70-75 miles per hour. When towing a trailer or driving into the wind the mileage is about the same as the 5.4. I have towed a motorcycle trailer with a Harley Davidson Bagger on it on a 1700 mile trip and a much heavier trailer with scissor lift through town. In both cases the truck had plenty of power. I have taken it on a couple of 2000 mile trips and it is very comfortable. The truck drives great when passing or merging on the interstate. 

New Features 

There are a couple of new things (to me anyway) that are great about the truck. The momentary ignition start switch (you turn the switch to start, then let go. There is no need to hold the switch in the start position until the truck is running). The fact that there is no gas cap to deal with is also great. Just open the fuel door to fill and close it when done. These seem like small details but I quickly got used to them. I miss them when I have to drive other vehicles.

Minor Problems 

I have had a few problems. The heated seat on the driver side did not work when I bought the truck. This problem was repaired under warranty and has worked fine since. The latch mechanism on the driver side read door quit working. I could not open the door from the outside. This one I fixed myself by Googling the problem and following instructions I found. There is cable with a ball on the end that can come out of the lever that opens the door. It was not a big deal to fix. It reportedly happens sometimes if the door gets shut too hard. The engine started to miss under heavy acceleration. I took the truck to the dealer for diagnosis. The problem was a coil on one of the spark plugs. They replaced the coil. I picked up the truck and driving home I noticed the same problem. When I took it back they tested it and found a coil on a different spark plug bad. The dealer decided to replace all the coils and this fixed the problem. This work was also covered by the warranty although I did have to the $100.00 deductable.

My Opinion

Ninety thousand miles is not a huge amount of miles for a vehicle these days but, I think it gives a good idea of what to expect if you plan on owning one for any length of time. Don't buy the truck for gas mileage alone, you will be disappointed. If you work the truck it will use gas but, lightly loaded it's fuel-efficient. So far I'm pleased with the F150 and the Ecoboost engine. Yes there have been a few problems but, none of them left me sitting on the side of the road or caused down time at work. I was able to schedule repairs around my life and not the other way around. That's what I need from a truck.