Clickbank vendor or affiliate?

Definitely a vendor!

Let's cut right to the meat of this article, what makes being a Clickbank vendor better than being an affiliate? The very first thing that comes to mind is what's involved. As a vendor you can spend months creating an eBook, software program, educational video series or even a physical product. So how is this better than just selling those products? Because once the work is done you place your product on Clickbank and invite hundreds of thousands of awesome people to sell your product for you. The more they sell the more they make and likewise the more you make. 

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Reason number two of why it's better being a vendor instead of an affiliate, "TRAFFIC"! Lets say you create a new eBook that you want to sell, the old way of doing things was to post it to your site and try to drive traffic there so you can earn revenue. Creating traffic takes time and can even be expensive right? So would it not be more helpful to let thousands of people promote a link to your product or service? Affiliates using Clickbank make money by promoting your creations, so with a little skill you can use this as a traffic generating gold mine.

The third and last reason why it's better being a vendor and not an affiliate is time. If you create a great sales funnel that operates on autopilot you will have more time to create your next best thing. Your awesome affiliates continue to promote and sell your products giving you time to tweak your goods or even take a break. In my mind having time to do things you love is true wealth.

OK so I was a little one-sided in this article, fair enough. What are some advantages of being an affiliate over a vendor? Quality, your sole purpose is to sell the item, collect your pay and move on. As an affiliate you are also free from processing payments, processing returns, creating a vendor spotlight with sales materials and ad copy. You can post several products in one article or post and even just create a whole page selling to whatever to whomever. Kind of like being a traveling salesman who has a multitude of products to fit whatever audience they come across.

With all of this said I would like to add one more thing, be generous! Being generous to your affiliates is a great way to sell more product and get more fans of your work than any other method. Affiliates are on Clickbank to make money, period! So the more incentive you offer them to sell your product the better you will do in the long run. Even if your product or service is of average quality a good percentage of the sales going to your affiliates will drive them to sell more and more. Think of your generosity as karma, if you are good to your sales people they will in turn be very good to you. 

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