If you have a dog and/or multiple dogs, then you know just how much a part of the family they are.  I know I can’t imagine our life without a dog.  We have always had at least one dog sometimes more.  But one thing they love to do is play with their toys, especially in the living room if we are all in there.

This is really cute, and nice that they want to be in the same room with us while we yak or watch television, or a movie, but what happens to these dog toys when they are done with them?

Usually they end up under your feet as you make your way to the kitchen or other rooms.  My kids would help clean then up by stuffing them under the couch to get them out of the way, which as you can imagine was not a good idea as the dogs would try to get under there to retrieve their toys.

We had an area where they got piled up, in the corner, or thrown onto their pet beds, but this was not the best solution and always looked messy.  So as I looked around and did some research I found 5 cute ways to help with the dog toy storage problems and clutter.  Follow these two steps first so their toys are clean and in good condition.dog toy storageCredit: morguefile.com

Step 1 – Inspect and Clean the Dog Toys – If your living area is getting that “doggy smell” it may not be from Fido but from all his toys.  They get dirty from being chewed all the time, and really smelly.  So before you start looking for ways to store them, go through them first.

If your dog loves plush toys, they can go in the washer and dryer usually (check the label).  Cracked and broken squeaky toys should be thrown out, and hard plastic toys can usually go in the top rack of the dishwasher to get rid of germs that cause odours.  Just like with kid’s toys, you need to inspect every so often and clean.  Maybe it is time to treat him to some new toys.

If you buy him some new toys, make sure they can be cleaned easily. 

Step 2 – Open Lid or Closed Lid? – Do you want your dog to be able to get his toys out to play with?  Or do you want a container with a closed lid so that you can hide the toys when not in use? 

If your pooches love to hang out in one particular room with you, then this is where the dog toy bin should be.  If you want something cute but easy to fill, then get an open container.  There are many different ones on the market now online, and they are a really cute way to store them.  Much better than the cardboard box we were using or poor Sasha’s bed!

dog toy storageCredit: amazon.com
OurPets Big Bone Pet Toy Storage Bin
Amazon Price: $57.56 $23.95 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 4, 2015)

Plastic Bone Shaped Dog Toy Bin

This would be perfect if you have a little pooch.  These can be closed with a lid and holds all kinds of toys, or it can also be used for treats.  But this is short from the floor so that your pet can help himself to the play things and it is easy to fill again when done.  I like that the dog will not end up tipping this over and cute looking as well.

dog toy storageCredit: amazon.com
Paw Decor Walnut Wooden Toy Box
Amazon Price: $39.99 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 4, 2015)

Wooden Decorative Box

This one works best in a room where you want the décor to match.  But what I like about this one, is the fact you could put a little pillow on top for them to sit on, so you could place this under a window?

This one has a hinged lid, and so you would most like have to get the toys out to play for them.  You could pick and choose how many they have out at a time with this closed lid idea.

dog toy storageCredit: amazon.com
Dog Pet Leash Metal Rack - "My Leash" Hanger
Amazon Price: $6.99 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 4, 2015)

Net by the Door on a Doggy Hook

If your pooch loves to play outside with tennis balls or other throw things, then having a net style bag by the door where you keep their leashes would keep this area organized.  Ours used to end up in someone’s shoe or boot.  So having a hanging net bag so that the toys get air, will keep them fresher and now they are off the ground and ready for when you want to play with them outside. 

dog toy storageCredit: amazon.com
Harry Barker Eco-Toy Storage Bag - Dog - Black
Amazon Price: $38.00 $37.29 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 4, 2015)

Hemp Storage Bag

These are really cute and flexible.  They are lined for easy cleaning, and it is easy to simply throw the play things in here while doing your tidying up.  They could also fit on a shelf of a wall unit if you want them right off the floor and yet still looks good.  So you don’t have to stuff an ugly looking bag in the closet, make it a part of the room.

dog toy storageCredit: amazon.com

Stackable Dog Toy Basket

If you have lots of critter supplies and want them all in one spot but be a part of the décor, then check out these wicker stacking baskets.  You could use these for other things as well.  Perfect for the poochie toys, but you could use some for your own storage such as extra blankets, mitts and gloves.  These can stack in a corner and look really good.

Get the basket out and open it and let your dog take out the toys they want.  Easy to put away after, and cute to look at. 

These above container ideas, definitely make living with pets much easier.  They make for easier tidying up after play time or when cleaning a room. 

Just make sure to inspect them every so often, because dog toys do take a beating and can get a bit stinky.  Don’t forget about the dishwasher idea for cleaning some of them.  It is the bacteria that will cause the odours. 

Our pets are part of the family and love to play.  Even our senior dog loves to play, so why not give them a dog toy storage bin of their own.  Our kids’ have toy boxes, so why can’t they?  No reason why it has to be an ugly cardboard one either, invest in a cute one to add to your room.