In today’s economy you may find it difficult to get a job. Here are some sales jobs that are easy to get. The reason these jobs are easy to get is because they have high turnover, a no sales no pay mentality, and pretty much the work sucks. For the right person though, these jobs can introduce you to an entire new world with the traveling involved. If you stick with any of these jobs for a few years then you can expect to make excellent money, as long as you are willing to work hard.


1. Kirby Vacuum Sales

KirbyCredit:, Kirby stills sells vacuums door to door. If you are willing to stick with the job and work hard, then you can learn a lot of great sales techniques and eventually become a top earner with the company. Even Dog the Bounty Hunter use to sell Kirby vacuums door to door. If Dog the Bounty Hunter can be successful at Kirby vacuum sales then you can be to as long as you stick with the job.

Top Kirby salesmen can earn a lot of money each year. Selling vacuum cleaners door to door is one of those jobs that you get much better at as you do it more, yet there will always be challenging situations you will find yourself in regardless of how many years you have been doing it.

Selling Vacuums door to door is extremely hard work but if you are willing to stick with it and learn as much as you can then you will begin to steadily increase you income each year. Eventually your family will be truly amazed at how much you are earning as a sales person for Kirby. It is hard work, but very financially lucrative to people that choose to work their butts off.

2. Alarm Sales


Home AlarmCredit:

Alarm Sales door to door often involved 12 hour days with a lot of knocking, a lot of doors being slammed into your face, and a lot of sweat. If you stick with it and truly work at making alarm sales you will learn some “shady” sales techniques, but your income will rise noticeably. If you want to work hard over the summer and take rest of the year off for college then working hard as a home security alarm sales person going door to door may be the perfect job for you. Yes you may work 80 hours or more each week and get physically and emotionally tired, but if you work hard enough you can take 9 months off each year for partying while you go to school.

Some motivated alarm salesmen are able to earn $50,000 or more each year simply working 3-4 months over the summertime. If you like to travel, like hard work, don’t mind knocking on a million doors and want to meet a lot of new people then a career or job as door to door alarm salesmen is a great possibility.

3. Cleaning Solutions

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These guys and gals travel all around in a van and then will swarm upon on a community and knock on literally every door. They will demonstrate how concentrated their cleaning formula is, how well it works, and may even drink some of it to show you it is safe for your children. The cleaning solutions tend to work, but often a lot of pseudo-science is involved. You can negotiate for a better deal, but most of the sales will come from high pressure or the salesmen will simply try and get you to be their friend and feel guilty for not buying any cleaning formula. Many sales crews are notorious for the evening and night partying, but the cleaning solution salesmen often seem to smoke more marijuana than any other sales group. You can make this a good job, but you need to have a good work ethic, get along with people of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, and be willing to take no and get yelled at from many potential customers.

4. Magazine Sales


These are the sales crews that go door to door selling magazine subscriptions so they can “raise money for college” or some other B.S. What you would be selling is overpriced magazine subscriptions that can be bought for much less elsewhere. High pressure with a crappy sales proposition, but if you out the effort into it you can be successful doing it. Magazine sales crews are often deemed as the “scum” of the sales world. No matter what you sell, the magazine sales crew tends to be the salesmen crew that lie to people more than any other sales group and are the most unethical. All of these jobs are hard, but once you get the hang of it you may find that you really enjoy them, especially when you have a huge payday from making a lot of sales.

5. Satellite Sales


You simply knock on doors and try to either get new customers or convert customers from the other brand of satellite TV. If you are selling DishTV and someone uses DirecTV and their contract is about to expire, then you might be able to make a sale. Generally satellite salesmen will earn commissions of between $50.00-$150.00 for each sale they make. It can be a very lucrative job, but there also will be days where you knock on doors for 8-10 hours and don’t get a single sale.

How to Succeed in Door to Door Sales

In order to succeed you need to be willing to stick with the job, listen and learn from your trainer and the other experience sales members, learn the sales script, learn to close the sale, and learn to work hard. The more doors you knock on then the more sales you can make. Turnover in this industry is extremely high, but if you are motivated and willing to stick with it then you can become a part of the door to door world of sales in which you are compensated very lucratively.