There are some distinctive features in a fellow who is born again that differentiate him from the natural man. This is an observable phenomenon because it can be seen in the spontaneous change of attitude found in the lives of most people who just gave their heart to Christ. No man who gives his heart to the Lord would have a new body or a new mind, however, his heart had undergone regeneration; it’s become brand new. There are some facts about this new being and, using Biblical elucidation, we would consider them in this article.

New creation

1. He Is a New Species of Being

The Bible explains that anyone who is in Christ is a new creation; that is, a new species of being that has never existed before and is now having an utterly new beginning (2 Cor. 5:17). This is quite pertinent because according to the old structure of things, an ordinary man is under the bondage of the devil. The devil even has the prerogative to use him to do whatever he wills at any time he wishes (2 Timothy 2:26). Asides from that, the ordinary man is under a nature: the nature of Adam—the sin nature. Nonetheless, once a man gives his heart to the Lord. God becomes the Lord of his life and immediately Satan loses his dominion over him. And the old nature and way of life vanishes.

2. He Has the God-kind of Life

Anyone in Christ is a custodian of the God-kind of life. The Bible in John 3:36 proves that all believers have eternal life—God-kind of life. The greek word translated 'eternal life' in that verse is zoe. Zoe literally means God-kind of life. And this is what everyone new creation in Christ carries in him.

3. He Hails from God

All believers are also called children of God; they’re born of God. This is because of their spirits; their spirits came forth from God and entered into them through the ministry of the Holy Ghost. This is why he can be called ‘Father’ because our spirits are alive to him and there is a heart connection that relates us with Him. That is why He, being God, called us gods, too (Psalm 82:6).

4. He a New Heart

Every new creature in Christ has a new heart altogether. God made a promise in the old testament of scriptures, in this promise he made there are three specific things to point out; it’s in Ezekiel 36:26-27:

  •  I will take away the heart of stone;
  •  I will give you a heart of flesh;
  •  I will cause you to do my statutes.

This is a very crucial element in the new creation because he automatically loses his inherent ability and will to always want to violate God’s word by making a practice of sin. Therefore, the new creation is the fulfillment of this promise. We are fashioned by God to only have the ability to do good, not evil (Ephesians 2:10). The new creation is the culmination of the redemptive work of Christ because he isn’t just redeemed from the bondage of sin; he’s given a new way of life to lead.

5. The New Creation Is as Righteous as Jesus

You see, righteousness, as some think, isn’t a product of right-living but right-living is a product of righteousness. Anyone can try all he wants to let God accept him as a righteous man, but all of that all tends to futility because He said the righteousness of man is as filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6). Man has to receive righteousness; he cannot work for it. That’s why it’s described as a gift in Romans 5:17.  And this gift is given to those who declare Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Once the prayer of salvation is said, the righteousness of God is imparted into the heart of man hence he is as righteous as Jesus because his righteousness is from God. Apostle Paul makes it clear that he could not receive righteousness by obeying a set of rules but simply by faith in Christ Jesus (Philippians. 3:9). This is what happened to a new creature—he received the gift righteousness.