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No matter the season, you can never go wrong with a cabin getaway paired with some awesome gadgets to turn a good vacation into a great one.

Let’s take a look at 5 such gadgets that you’ll immediately want to add to your shopping cart.

1: iGrill 3 Bluetooth Thermometer

iGrill 3
Credit: Weber

Have you dreamt of someday cooking the perfect steak? Have your previous cookouts and barbecues been plagued by overcooked, tough, and charred meat? If you say yes to any of these questions, rejoice because the iGrill 3[1] Bluetooth Thermometer is there to save the day.

It doesn’t matter what meat you’re grilling, the iGrill can measure the temperature of up to four different pieces of meat at once, and comes with two meat probes that measure -22° Fahrenheit to 572° Fahrenheit so you can monitor your meat from beginning to end. How, you ask? By connecting the iGrill to your phone through the included app, which has a 150 ft Bluetooth Smart range. This means that whether you’re in front of the grill or mingling with family, you’ll always have perfectly cooked meat.

2: Perfect Drink PRO

Perfect Drink PRO
Credit: Perfect Company

The Perfect Drink PRO[2] comes with an interactive recipe app that’ll turn you into the perfect bartender. With 400+ tried and true recipes at your disposal, and the ability to mix and match to create your own, you’re guaranteed to impress your guests as you mix and pour. You’ll also be spared of the embarrassment from over or under pouring, as the Perfect Drink automatically adjusts recipes for what you’ve poured or what you have on hand.

As for what’s included, your nifty device comes with a wireless smart scale, the free app that connects via Bluetooth, a 750ml stainless steel shaker, and a phone/tablet stand for compatible devices, which includes iOS, Android devices and the Kindle Fire. So, will that be shaken or stirred?

3: HEOS 1 Outdoor Speaker System

Credit: HEOS by Denon

What’s an escape without music? Bland and probably boring (and the last thing you want), which is why you need the HEOS 1[3] Outdoor Speaker System to bring life to your cabin. Not only does it support high resolution audio (that’s right, studio quality audio), but it also has both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity for streaming from fan favorite stations.

Even better, you can now control the HEOS 1 with Amazon Alexa voice commands. This means that apart from controlling everything from the palm of your hand with the HEOS app, you can also use the magic of your voice. To top things off, it comes with a sealed humidity enclosure for extra protection, and has an optional HEOS 1 Go Pack with a rechargeable battery.

4: PLAYBULB Candle

Credit: MIPOW

The PLAYBULB Candle[4] is a Bluetooth-controlled (iOS and Android) color changing ‘candle’ that lights up to create the perfect ambiance. With an elegant design that doubles as a actual candle holder when flipped upside down, this candle is sure to suit any and all cabins. With support to register when you blow, you can even blow the light out as if it were a real candle. You can also choose from millions of colors, including four special effects (flashing, pulsing, rainbow and fading), and shake your smartphone or tap the candle itself to change colors randomly.

5: Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera

instax mini 9
Credit: Fujifilm Corporation

Last on the list, you of course want to remember all the memories stemming from your marvelous vacation, which is why you need the Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera[5]. Reminiscent of the days when Polaroids reigned supreme, these instant cameras go above and beyond their predecessors by adding automatic exposure measurement, a close-up lens attachment for shooting up to 35cm away, a high-key mode with brightness adjustment to take pictures with softer impressions, and a selfie mirror for the perfect instant selfie. Say cheese!

Gadget Roundup

There you have it — 5 gadgets that will make your cabin getaway perfect. From awesome music serving as the life of the party, to instantly recording memories with a flash, these gadgets are a must-have if you want a memorable break. Before we close, let’s take a second look with a gadget roundup:

  1. iGrill 3 Bluetooth Thermometer
  2. Perfect Drink PRO
  3. HEOS 1 Outdoor Speaker System 
  4. PLAYBULB Candle
  5. Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera

Enjoy your time in the sun!