With the explosion of the e-book thanks to companies like amazon with their kindle, Kobo with their e-reader and of course Apple with their iPad[1] more and more people are switching to e-readers every day. 

So what are the advantages of switching to an e-reader?

Holds Thousands Of Books

Shelf Of BooksCredit: Photo by Poppet with a camera

E-readers are capable of holding what would take rooms full of books in the size of a novel. This means that you can carry your entire collection around with you everywhere you go without all of that weight weighing you down. One problem that I am always facing with reading is that I always have to make sure that I have my next book with me when I start getting to the end. The Amazon Paperwhite can store up to 1,100 e-books on the device not to mention all of your purchases can be quickly downloaded anytime you have Wi-Fi access as you need them, saving space on your device[2].

This is the device that I started with and I found it to be very user friendly and comfortable. The only reason that I no longer have it is that I got a new iPad which I use instead.

Hundreds Of Free Books

With new titles becoming available every day there is a lot of authors competing to get their e-books recognized. This means that along with those authors that offer their e-books free there are a lot of promotions providing you the opportunity to purchase for free. A number of website will let you know about the current promotions that are available and Amazon even has a top 100 free books list. If you happen to not find the book that you want to read you are still better off as you can finds thousands of titles for under $10 and a little as $0.99[2]. There are over 1.7 million e-books on Amazon for $9.99 or less and to help you choose what book you want to read some sellers even let you have a free read of a chapter or two[2]

Apple iPad Air MD786LL/A 9.7-Inch 32 GB Touchscreen Tablet (Black/Space Gray)
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(price as of Oct 31, 2015)
This is what I currently use to read my e-books using the free kindle app to read my book purchases from Amazon. The iPad also lets me do a lot more than read books.

More Comfortable

Another advantage of the e-reader is that there is no longer any pages bound at the middle making the start or end of lines difficult to read, this allows you to sit or lie in comfort and enjoy reading your book without the difficulty of dealing with the covers and binding. It is like holding a DVD case and reading the cover. With the ever increasing range of accessories that are available for e-readers you can even stamp your individual style and decorate it as you want.

Easier Reading

Kindle Light AccessoryCredit: Photo by Pavel PWith most e-readers coming with a light or accessory for light it has made reading much easier as you no longer need to ensure that you have the right light to avoid squinting. When you combine this with the text sizing option you can tailor the text to your individual likes.

Light Weight

With the development of technology the e-reader has become a light and ergonomic device that is about the size of a book and often weighs about the same as a book. The Kindle Paperwhite the leading e-reader weighs just 7.3 ounces or 206 grams meaning that you will barely realize that you are holding it.

I have gone e-reader and I love it. It has been one of the best things that I have done in a long time. While it is a little unusual to begin with it is worth the short term weird feeling. Not only am I saving money buying books but I am also not having to move the books around which has become handy with my recent interstate move.